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Oroplato Resources (ORRP) Just Acquired
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Dear Reader,

It’s hard to believe that in just 13 years, electric cars have completely changed the world we live in.

In 2003, Tesla Motors was founded in San Francisco.

Since that time, the company has shipped over 125,000 cars worldwide.

By 2022, electric vehicles will cost the same as their internal-combustion counterparts--that’s the crucial turning point for sales.

When this happens, analysts predict electric cars will “go mainstream” and overtake petroleum vehicles on our streets.

A technology that was once thought of as ‘science fiction’ is now increasingly common on roads around the world.

And what’s the one thing this new electric car revolution depends on?


Is It Any Wonder Lithium Stocks Are
Up 200% Or More This Year?

Lithium is a crucial component in the batteries that make electric cars possible.

There has always been a massive demand for batteries.

They power our laptops, our smartphones, and even to a limited extent petroleum-powered cars.

But with the rise of electric vehicles, the demand for lithium is set to go through the roof.

In fact, in a recent interview, Elon Musk (founder of Tesla) said:

“We” meaning Musk’s company Telsa... not the electric car industry as a whole!

The Next Lithium Stock To See
A Massive Breakout:
Oroplata Resources (ORRP)

Oroplata resources is an exploration stage company with diverse interests in mineral development.

On June 1, Oroplata announced that it acquired a 100% interest in the mineral rights to the Western Nevada Basin Project...

... A HUGE lithium development project with claims to over 500 Lithium mines.

This is important for 3 reasons:

1) Nevada is the only major proven Lithium site in the U.S.; the majority of the world’s lithium comes from foreign sources like Chile, Argentina, and Australia.
2) This makes Nevada the only major Lithium producing area that’s geographically close to Tesla facilities, positioning it perfectly to profit from the coming electric vehicle boom.
3) Nevada Lithium has attracted the attention of Tesla itself, with CEO Elon Musk showing interest in acquiring Nevada lithium mines.

The bottom line is this:

Electric vehicles require *MASSIVE* amounts of lithium.

And Oroplata is positioned perfectly to supply Lithium to Tesla motors, the world’s hottest electric car startup. I’ll show you all the proof why in the attached special report.


Shawn Roberts
Editor, The Profit Letter