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PTOG – Petrotech Oil and Gas Inc.

(Sizzling Stock Picks has no position in the petition to legalize marijuana.)

Company Profile


PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc. is a recognized leader in their industry. Their Company was developed in a world where new technologies and global markets have changed the equation for profits in a world’s most lucrative industries. As a result, The Company has adopted a winning strategy to derive immediate revenue from existing reserves that have literally been left in the ground.

PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc. initiates, operates, and develops Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) opportunities within qualifying oil reservoirs in the United States using its Enhanced Oil Recovery method and technique.

Also, PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc, is a construction and heavy equipment company and may bid on various third party jobs for State and Independent Oil Companies in the form of fee or joint venture; including but not limited to the Work over, Treating, Installation of Production equipment or Plugging of abandoned wells with the State Compliance Agency and bid on Road work for the State or independents as well. PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc intends to obtain a license to gather oil / pick up from tank batteries and conduct trading of oil and other commodities, hydrocarbons and currency.

Subsidiary, Inc. is proudly committed to serving as the people’s portal to the legalization and production of all things derived from Cannabis and Hemp. They are an organization of the people that recognizes the natural harmony between man and mother nature, and that passionately believes in the physiological, psychological and sociological benefits derived from the many producible forms of this plant.



One of the key missions of is education – spreading the knowledge to empower the legal reform process at both the state and federal level and to teach the world about the benefits and proper management of marijuana, both growing and using.

To achieve this they are assembling tools and content for online education about the history of legalization, and of marijuana itself as well as a number of functions for communication and collaboration. Their goal is to give you the tools to get on top of the rhetoric. Petrotech Oil & Gas, Inc. feel that the facts are all in their favor.

Online Store

Medical Marijuana

This part of the company will procure warehouses and permits for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana grows and dispensaries throughout the United States and other parts of the world where marijuana and Hemp are legal to cultivate and dispense.

Entertainment and Arts

Music is their messenger, as it has the ability to span the globe, resolve conflict and harmonize differing opinions. The Entertainment Arts Division has just released, worldwide, the compilation album Legalize It! It’s Natural Vol I. The album has 18 tracks by various renowned artists including Snoop with Flip It, as well as Johnny Dread and Ellen Bukstel.


Petrotech Oil and Gas, Inc. uses multiple patent technologies for Enhanced Oil Recovery and in some cases will use their new pumping system co developed by Petrotech. They will use this patented technology with other proven technologies currently used in the industry to drill, complete equip new drill wells and older wells with secondary production opportunities.

Throughout the United States there are primary depleted oil reservoirs representing billions of barrels of oil that lend themselves to the use and exploitation of Enhanced Oil Recovery and PetroTech and Gas, Inc.’s proven patented technology. Without EOR technology, these reservoirs will produce only about 20% of their Original Oil in Place. Gas injection EOR is a proven method that has been in use over the last 50 years in the oil fields of West Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Wyoming and Oklahoma.

Other Services Include:

Reservoir Development

Heavy Equipment Services

Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage

Work over and Installation Services

Nitrogen, CO2 and Gas Mixture Treatments

Visit: to see complete details.

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Marketwired(Thu, Mar 6) Cannabis & Hemp Division: PTOG’s New Subsidiary Continues Expansion Into Rhode Island, and Sets Up to Support Legalization in Florida

Marketwired(Fri, Feb 28)
PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc.’s Brown 29-1 Well Has Completed Successfully, and Will Begin Production

Marketwired(Wed, Feb 26)
PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc.’s Subsidiary ( Inc.) LP.US Management Group, Inc. Announces Expansion in Washington and Colorado

PR Newswire(Thu, Feb 20)
PetroTech Oil and Gas’s Subsidiary LP.US Management Group, Inc. Secures Natural Resource Development Program for Cannabis and Hemp Products

Marketwired(Wed, Feb 19)
PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc. Set to Expand Into Legalized Cannabis Sector


2520 Harwood Road
Suite 200
Bedford, TX 76021
Phone: 817-684-0672

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