THNS – Thinspace Technology Inc.

THNS – Thinspace Technology Inc.


Company Profile


Formerly known as Vanity Events Holdings and Propalms Ltd., Thinspace Technology Inc. is a global provider of reliable, scalable and affordable application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology to public and private sector companies and organizations of all sizes. Operating on the belief that application delivery and cloud computing solutions should be flexible, dynamic and above all, simple to use, Thinspace understands and is passionate about solving customer problems affordably in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The Company’s list of private and public sector customers include NASA, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Toyota, as well as, NHS, local councils, universities, schools, and housing associations. With over 5,000 enterprise customers worldwide, Thinspace is recognized as leading player in application delivery, virtualization, and cloud technology markets.

Technology Partners

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Propalms Ltd is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Remote Desktop Services Partner. Propalms extends the use of Windows Remote Desktop Services through its TSE offering; a product that provides a cost effective management platform for Microsoft Server RDS. Propalms TSE has been fully tested and certified for the Microsoft Windows Server Operating System.

Propalms Ltd is a member of the VMWare Technology Alliance Program. Leveraging Virtualization Technologies such as VMWare, our customers can build Propalms solutions that can offer increased cost savings as well as improvements in Scalability, Availability, Disaster Recovery and security.

Membership of the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP) allows Propalms to work closely with HP enabling us to provide solutions to our joint customers that complement HP’s broad portfolio of products and services.

Propalms is a member of Fujitsu’s Select Partner program which allows us to offer our customers Best of Breed Technology solutions that provide Enterprise class scalability, performance,
and reliability across a broad range of portfolio offerings.



Simple Application Delivery

Designed with simplicity in mind, TSE enhances Windows® Remote Desktop Services (RDS) providing an on-demand application delivery platform effectively bridging the gap between native RDS and Citrix. TSE adds indispensable management capabilities and scales to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

TSE is an application delivery solution that enables windows applications and desktops to be managed centrally and delivered to users on demand, and to any device regardless of location.

One Gate

Secure Application Gateway

OneGate is an application gateway that provides secure remote access to applications using standards based SSL encryption. OneGate enables access to specified applications only, rather than bridging end-user’s machines with the corporate network, while still maintaining full application compatibility. OneGate even comes with a unique network obfuscation feature which hides the internal network details from intentional or unintentional exploitation by a user or hacker.

OneGate brings together the performance, management and functionality required for enterprise remote access and reduces costs traditionally associated with other VPN solutions due to the simplicity and ease of use of our solution united with our low license costs.

Universal Client

Mobile Access

The Universal Client provides access to applications or Windows desktops from your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or Smartphone, whether you are in the Office, at Home or Mobile. Universal Client connects to TSE, Pano VDI and OneGate solutions offering the ability to use business applications such as Microsoft Office running from Remote Desktop Services or Virtual Desktops hosted from virtualization vendors such as Microsoft and VMware.


Pano for VDI

The Pano solution includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops on top of your VMware or Microsoft virtualization platform. In one integrated system you get a choice of our unique award-winning Pano zero client, the new Pano Virtual Client for repurposed PCs/Laptops and Pano Remote for secure remote access from anywhere. All three endpoints are managed from the comprehensive Pano controller management front-end, working across groups of sites and servers to provide scalability and fault-tolerance.

Thinspace Advantage

All-In-One Desktop and Application Delivery

Thinspace Advantage is an all-in-one desktop and application delivery solution from Thinspace that helps customers simplify their desktop computing strategy.

With Thinspace Advantage customers simply order one license which includes the endpoint and all of the Thinspace software required to deliver their desktops and applications.

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PR Newswire (Tue, Sep 30)
Thinspace Releases Critical ‘Bash Patch’ to Remove Shellshock Vulnerability from OneGate and Pano Installations

PR Newswire (Mon, Sep 29)
Thinspace Partners with Top Egyptian Technology Distributor to Provide Virtualization Solutions to the Region

PR Newswire (Thu, Sep 25)
Thinspace (OTC: THNS) CEO to Deliver Keynote Address at Upcoming Virtualization, Data Security and Privacy Conference at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

PR Newswire (Tue, Sep 23)
Thinspace (OTC: THNS) Joins Amazon’s APN Program, Opens Up New Direct Sales Channel for Virtualization and Cloud Solutions


5535 S. Williamson Blvd
Unit 751
Port Orange, FL 32128
Phone: (786) 763-3830

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