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[b]DRGV – Dragon Capital Group Corp.[/b]

[b]Website[/b] – http://www.dragoncapital.us

DRGV is doing business in China through its subsidiaries. Dragon was established to cultivate business opportunities in China. Dragon functions as an incubator of high-tech companies in China, offering support in the critical functions of general business consulting, formation of joint ventures, introduction of funding sources, mergers & acquisitions, business valuation, and revenue growth strategies.

The current focus of Dragon is on the development of wireless 3G-based applications and business solutions. Two companies that Dragon has acquired are among of the leading providers of mobile Internet applications and business solutions in China.





[b]Shanghai Dragon Capital Management and Consulting Co., Ltd.[/b]


Dragon Capital Management and Consulting Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 and wholly owned subsidiary of Dragon Capital Group, is an investment consulting firm located in China  that specializes in raising capital and consulting in a number of areas. [b]Read More[/b] http://www.dragoncapital.us/#!shanghai-dragon-capital/czhp

[b]Shanghai Yazheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.[/b]


Founded in 2000, Shanghai Yazheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Yazheng) has two divisions. One division is engaged in developing information technology in China by introducing advanced software and hardware products from the US. Yazheng is developing and programming a variety of software applications for both domestic and foreign companies. [b]Read More[/b] http://www.dragoncapital.us/#!shanghai-yazheng-information-technology-/c1l0u

[b]Shanghai Cnnest Technology Co.Ltd.[/b]


Shanghai Cnnest Technology Co., Ltd. (Cnnest) was established in 2002. Cnnest is dedicated to commercial Third-Generation (3G) wireless applications and mobile business solutions. Based on wireless 3G platforms, Cnnest’s objective is to take advantage of a host of new mobile internet applications. [b]Read More[/b] http://www.dragoncapital.us/#!shanghai-cnnest-technology/cly9

[b]Shanghai Zhaoli Technology Development Company Limited.[/b]


Zhaoli is an information technology enterprise providing innovative technology solutions to enhance its customer’s businesses. Zhaoli’s customers include financial institutions, telecommunication companies, hospitals, supermarkets, airports, railway stations, and various government agencies. [b]Read More[/b] http://www.dragoncapital.us/#!shanghai-zhaoli-technology-/c1c7b

[b]Shanghai Zhiye Computer Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd.[/b]


Shanghai Zhiye was founded in 2008 by a group of software engineers and is engaged in the application development of mobile solutions for devices running on Androids, iOS, Windows Mobile and Apple’s operating systems. [b]Read More[/b] http://www.dragoncapital.us/#!shanghai-zhiye-computer-scienc/c1k6s


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[b]PR Newswire (Mon, Apr 7)[/b]
[color=orange][b]Dragon Capital Group Receives Contract from Shanghai North Gas Company for Intelligent Regulator Control System[/b][/color]

[b]PR Newswire (Wed, Apr 2)[/b]
[color=orange][b]Dragon Capital Group Receives $1 million Contract for Automatic Control Project at Sewage Water Treatment Plant in Hefei City China[/b][/color]

[b]PR Newswire (Tue, Apr 1)[/b]
[color=orange][b]Dragon Capital Group Reports Financial Results for the Full Year of 2013 Ended December 31, 2013[/b][/color]

[b]PR Newswire (Tue, Aug 27)[/b]
[color=orange][b]Dragon Capital Group Subsidiary Selected to Participate in National Science and Technology Research Project Focusing on Large Scale Programmable Logic Controllers[/b][/color]


[b][u]Contact Information[/u][/b]


[b]China Office:[/b]

Dragon Capital Group Corp.
8 Zheng Yi Road – Suite 307
Shanghai,China 200433

Fax: 86-21-55660988
Phone: 86-21-55522888
Email: info@dragoncapital.us


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