STOY – Spiral Toys Inc.

STOY – Spiral Toys Inc.

Company Overview


California based company founded by CEO Mark Myers a former senior executive with Disney and Sony, has developed an integrated hardware/software/cloud solution that enables mobile-connected entertainment. STOY’s mobile-connected entertainment platform connects physical items to today’s top mobile devices creating a unique interactive user experience. STOY collects revenue on both the physical purchase of goods and sale of digital content through Apple APP Store and Google Marketplace.

Spiral Brings a bit of magic to familiar toys and creates entirely new kinds of fun. So far, we’ve made teddy bears that can have a conversation and turned stuffed animals into a way for children to communicate with parents and grandparents far away.

Soon, Spiral technology will be delivering new toys and entertainment devices that do things you may have never thought possible.

We live in a world where nearly everyone is carrying around a smartphone or tablet in their pocket, purse or backpack. By connecting these powerful mobile devices to toys and entertainment devices, we can create new ways to have fun that we could have never imagined just a few years ago.

The challenge is that connecting toys and entertainment devices to mobile devices and to the cloud is complicated, difficult and expensive. That’s where Spiral comes in.
Spiral makes it easy. Our service connects toys and entertainment devices with mobile devices and lets them easily communicate, interact, share and update content.

More than just a platform or a service, Spiral helps to create experiences. We’re not only experts in the hardware and software that makes these connections possible, we’re experts in creating brand-new experiences that deliver completely new kinds of fun.

Spiral works with companies and inventors to make their products come alive.

The Components of Spiral

A Platform That lets entertainment device manufacturers easily make their products smart and mobile-connected.
An Ecosystem

For apps, digital content and an unlimited library of updates and new content for those mobile-connected devices.
A Team

That works with inventors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to develop fun, successful mobile-connected entertainment devices.

Investor Relations

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How CloudPets Work

CloudPets™ let you send a message to anyone, from anywhere, and have that message delivered through a teddy bear. Spiral technology allows CloudPets™ to send and receive messages via mobile devices, powers the CloudPets™ mobile apps and even enables the addition of features in the future to make CloudPets™ do even more.

Send a Message from Afar

Record a message using the CloudPet’s app, and send it from anywhere in the world.

Receive the Message Nearby and Send Along

A parent or loved one at home gets the message on their CloudPet app, then approves it and delivers it wirelessly to the CloudPet.

Listen to the Message

When a CloudPet has a message, its heart starts to glow. Squeeze its paw, and the message will play.

Record and Send a Message Back

Children can record message just by squeezing their CloudPet’s paw. The message is sent wirelessly to a nearby device running the CloudPet’s app, and then parents can deliver it to a friend or family member anywhere in the world.

Watch Cloud Pet Video’s

Getting Started

Adding Friends

Sending and Receiving Messages


Vinyl combines the fun of stickers with the brains of digital communications. Every Vinyl sticker can be programmed with messages, photos and even videos. All you need is a pack of stickers and a Vinyl app on your phone.

Vinyl stickers use Spiral technology to combine stickers with digital content. Using any compatible smartphone, you can wirelessly put photos, messages, videos and more on Vinyl stickers, and anyone with a compatible smartphone can wirelessly read them.

Vinyl stickers will be available soon, but in the meantime we thought of a few ways you might want to use them.

#1 – Make A Photo Into an Album
Using custom-printed Vinyl stickers, you could print one photo on a sticker, then put an entire album digitally on the sticker.

#2 – Get The Word Out About Your Latest Edit
Using stickers to promote videos is nothing new, but Vinyl lets you actually put your video on the sticker. So the next time you’re ready to drop your latest sick edit, you can use stickers to both promote and distribute it.

#3 – Covert Messaging
One of the clever things about Vinyl stickers is that they look just like any other sticker. But of course they’re not. So if you wanted to hide a digital message on a perfectly ordinary looking sticker, you could do it.

#4 – Insta-RSVP
Vinyl let you digitally share event info. So you can use a custom or pre-designed Vinyl sticker to get the word out about your weekend bash, then let people RSVP wirelessly through the app.

Really, the internet’s primary purpose is to share hilarious pictures of cats, so why should internet-connected stickers be any different? If someone hasn’t created a sticker of GrumpyCat or Maru, linked to a video of their feline antics within 30 minutes of Vinyl ‘s launch, you can color us shocked.


Spiral lets your ideas do more. Our platform lets you connect your toy to mobile devices, and create and deliver content. Our partnerships with manufacturers and retailers help you get your ideas built and on to store shelves. Our team has the expertise to help your project succeed.

When we work with inventors, we’re really not working to create just products, we’re working to create experiences. We’re working to create wonder.

Get a $5,000 IdeaGrant

The Spiral IdeaGrant gives $5,000 worth of services to one lucky inventor or team, every 6 months. Every concept submitted to our site is eligible to win, and every 6 months, we’ll pick our favorite to receive $5,000 worth of Spiral development, consulting and integration services

Visit: to see complete details.

Leadership Team

When you work with Spiral, you’re working with a team of experts who know the industry and know how to develop entertainment devices that consumers love.
Mark Meyers

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Former Vice President of Interactive Studios at The Walt Disney Company Developed and Launched Several Key Interactive Franchises for the Walt Disney Company Former Studio General Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Former Studio General Manager at Midway Games

Jorge Freitas Chief Technology Officer

Director of Technology of Def Jam for Electronic Arts Co-founder of Propaganda Studios, Acquired by The Walt Disney Company 20+ Years of Video Game Industry Experience

Bob Stewart Chief Financial Officer

Former CFO at Orion Telecommunications, YadaYada, Lois/USA Inc. and Affiliated Companies Former Audit Manager at Price Waterhouse IPO Experience

A Letter From the CEO


First, let me start by saying thank you for your continued interest in Spiral Toys. We are an innovative toy company with some great tech and a lot of heart, but our success wouldn’t be possible without you—our customers, investors, partners and friends. We are thrilled to report that Spiral Toys is forging ahead to meet or exceed every goal we’ve set in the past several months. This success is a testament to the value of our products as they help bridge the distance between loved ones, provide connectivity across continents and allow us all to redefine what it means to be a digital community in the real world. Our innovative toys and apps are the result of years of industry experience, tons of market research and a company culture that values exploration and creative thinking above all else.

We look forward to continuing on the same exploratory course, building a bright future in perfect harmony with the ever-changing world. And we look forward to rolling out new technologies that promise to grow human connections across the globe.

At Spiral, community and connectedness are woven into the core of every invention and business transaction we make, and every human encounter we share.


Spiral Toys touches the lives of kids and tweens in meaningful, personal ways. We do this by creating app experiences that bridge the divide between the physical and digital worlds and tap into the powers of community and feeling, friendship and fun. Spiral’s products are definitely meeting an essential need on a human level, but also an economic one.

The CloudPets™, for example, use Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and are manufactured in partnership with the toy company Jay@Play. Spiral collects initial revenue from each physical toy, and then continues to generate returns through the sale of great new apps and content to those same customers in the digital space.

We’re also developing the Vinyl brand, which will work in a similar way. The product embeds near field technology into physical stickers, with the result being an innovative new way for kids to share games, photos, music, videos and other fun digital content with one another. The “tagging” feature will enable kids to personalize each Vinyl and incorporate it into their social identity. Vinyl will create an entirely new way to use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to expand the reach of connected communities beyond the digital realm.

Spiral’s creation of new and engaging entertainment apps and social platforms designed to interface with physical items is resulting in an altogether new and amazing retail ecosystem—one that leverages retail sales and maximizes marketing efforts. It is the perfect blend of the physical and virtual worlds—and a recipe for a whole lot of fun.


Spiral Toys was born out of a simple passion to build human connection through technology. Over time, this passion has evolved within our company, taking us from being a creator of technology to a creator of products, brands and experiences based on three main components—a Platform, an Ecosystem, and a Team. The Spiral Platform allows entertainment device manufacturers to make their products smart, fun and mobile-connected simply and easily. The Spiral Ecosystem is a constantly updated, unlimited body of apps and digital content for those devices. The group of great minds behind it all is the Spiral Team of inventors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Today, these three components combine to make Spiral Toys a 21st-century creator of virtual communities.

Following are a few of the most recent accomplishments that are setting the stage for Spiral’s exciting future.

On April 7, Spiral launched a $9.6 million national advertising campaign introducing our premier line of CloudPets™ Bluetooth Smart-enabled toys.

The U.S. campaign includes 30-, 60- and 120-second commercials, which are now running on some of the best-loved children’s networks out there, including Nickelodeon, The Cartoon Network, ABC Family and Disney XD.

By the end of 2015, more than 3,800 individual commercials will have introduced the world of CloudPets to millions of people in the U.S.

The U.S. campaign promises to bring amazing growth this year, and Spiral is extremely well positioned to receive it! Spiral Toys Hong Kong has increased its manufacturing capacity to make sure we’ll be able to put a cuddly CloudPet in the arms of every kiddo who wants one in the coming months.

We’ve now signed on the dotted line with the nation’s largest retailer, so we’re set to meet holiday on-the-shelf deadlines. This partnership will kick into full gear as early as June and will be nationwide by September.

Following the mass release of our CloudPets toys, we’ll start rolling out some great new content to kids and families. This will include games, stories, technology interactions and advanced messaging.

By opening our Hong Kong facility (devoted to lower-cost manufacturing) and our Canadian facility (devoted to lower-cost product development), we’ve secured some great tax credits and other benefits to help keep things moving along at lightning speed.

We’ve established partnerships with major manufacturers and distributors for two new projects.

We’ve filed several patents on technology innovations in Bluetooth LE and Near Field Communication (NFC). The sky’s the limit!

We are officially flying high as an industry leader in entertainment and the Internet of Things technologies! On behalf of everyone at Spiral, thank you again for taking the time to read this letter and learn more about Spiral and our incredible, one-of-a-kind products. Please be sure to check back regularly for more exciting updates—because they are surely headed down the pike—and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Mark Meyers
Founder, President & CEO, Spiral
May 7, 2015

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Spiral Toys Shareholder Letter From the CEO


7211 East Southern Ave.
Suite 106
Mesa, AZ 85209
Phone: (213) 400-0770

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