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MCW Energy Group Limited is a Canadian-registered holding company, publicly trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (Symbol: MCW) and the OTCQX trading platform (Symbol: MCWEF). Offices are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Century City, California and its initial plant location in Vernal, Utah.

MCW is focused on value creation of proprietary technologies for the environmentally-safe extraction of oil from oil sands and oil shale deposits, with an initial focus on Utah and its first oil sands lease in Asphalt Ridge.

MCW has a breakthrough, environmentally-friendly, proprietary oil sands extraction technology which is suitable for all hydrocarbon deposits. The closed-loop technology may also be applied for remedial project such as tailings ponds. After the launch of its first extraction plant in Utah, the Company is now scaling up its capacity with several additional, higher capacity extraction units within the state, which has over 30 billion barrels of undeveloped but recoverable oil. (DOE Estimate.) Asphalt Ridge, the location of MCW’s first plant, is one of Utah’s 8 major oil sands deposits with over 50 million barrels of undeveloped oil sands deposits. (DOE Estimate.)

The Company’s Board of Directors, the Management Team and Officers form an impressive group of very talented individuals with a diverse range of valuable experience ranging from chemical engineering and solvent research, business development, international project management, entrepreneurial achievements and senior management for global energy companies in North America and the Middle East. They have extensive knowledge of both conventional and unconventional oil and gas projects and production, both in upstream and downstream industry sectors.

After five years of hard work this management team has been successful in launching America’s first environmentally-friendly oil sands extraction plant in Utah in 2014. They have developed an aggressive, three phase developmental plan to market their unique extraction technologies, which is now being implemented.



MCW Energy Group has developed a unique, environmentally-safe, continuous flow, closed loop technology…a first in North America…and probably in the world. The Company’s philosophy is that the environment and the oil sands industry can work together harmoniously ….without any of the resulting destruction seen in so many of the world’s major oil sands projects. This extraction technology is the result of almost five years of research by MCW’s research and engineering teams, headed up by the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Vladimir Podlipskiy, well known for his work with benign solvents. Over this period of time, MCW gradually enhanced and improved the efficiencies of its technology at each stage of fabrication with better dryer/mixer components and a higher consistency of oil sands flow. This extraction technology is versatile….it can be effectively applied to both “water-wet” deposits (such as the oil sands projects in Alberta, Canada) or the “oil-wet” deposits such as the resources typically found in Utah. Read More:

MCW’s extraction technology utilizes no water in the extraction process, produces no greenhouse gases and requires no high temperatures/pressures.  It extracts up to 99% of all hydrocarbon contents and recycles up to 99% of the benign solvents.  The proprietary solvent composition consists of hydrophobic, hydrophilic and polycyclic hydrocarbons.  In testing periods, these solvents separated up to 99% of heavy bitumen/asphalt and other lighter hydrocarbons from the oil sands, while preventing their precipitation during the extraction process.  Solvents used in this composition form an azeotropic mixture which has a low boiling point of 70 – 75 C degrees.  MCW expects to recycle over 99% of the solvents used.  These features make it

possible for hydrocarbon extraction from oil sands feedstock at mild temperatures of 50 – 60 C degrees….with no vacuum or pressure applied.  There’s no need for tailings ponds because the only elements that leave the closed-loop system is the extracted crude oil and the cleaned sands, which can be placed back in the earth or sold as clean sand for construction or fracking purposes.

Another unique component of the MCW extraction process is the application of its own extractor, based on a proprietary, patent-pending liquid fluidized bed.  Similar-style fluid bed systems have been successfully utilized on a commercial scale in the coal-burning industry, the chemical industry and a wide variety of different industries for decades. This liquid fluidized bed-style reactor is expected to provide continuous mixing of the solvents and the solid ore particles.  This action provides a continuous flow process with optimal material/mass/energy balances.

Coal Plant


MCW’s oil extraction technology has been evaluated by a reputable engineering firm, Chapman Engineering  Company (Calgary, Alberta) who are experts in petroleum and chemical engineering projects as well as providing economical analyses for resource development processes.

Utah Oil Sands


An excerpt from the report:

“MCW’s oil sands extraction process has been designed utilizing good engineering practices and confirmed chemical and physical principles.  Many innovative chemical and engineering aspects have been incorporated into the process to achieve over 98% of bitumen extraction from the oil sands, and a greater than 99.5% solvent recycling efficiency.  The principals and processes implemented utilize established technologies, and are comparable to ones successfully utilized in different industrial applications for many years.”

Oil Sands, Tar Sands

The conclusions of the Chapman Report show that MCW’s extraction process could reasonably expect to have overall processing costs of $ 30.00 –  $ 40.00 STB of crude bitumen generated, representing a netback of approximately $ 49.00 per STB.  There is a 90% confidence level that the per STB processing costs will fall between $ 22.84 and $ 38.87 per STB.  Note that these costs were formulated at a time when WTI was selling for $ 80.00 USD bbl.  Proportionate savings on processing costs based on a lower oil price per barrel of $ 50.00 – $ 60.00 would be approximately $ 25.00 – $ 28.00 USD per barrel due to much lower propane and condensate costs.


MCW is confident that with the positive findings/conclusions of the comprehensive Chapman Engineering Report, “The Evaluation of Oil Sands Extraction Process – NW Asphalt Ridge, Utah,” the Company will move into Phase #2 of its development plans with one or more larger capacity extraction units.

Utah Oil Sands



Unita Basin, Alphalt RidgeOil sands, or tar sands as they are often referred to, are a type of unconventional petroleum deposit. The sands known as “oil-wet” deposits in Utah contain a mixture of sand and a dense, extremely viscous form of petroleum technically referred to as bitumen or tar. There are many other deposits of oil sands throughout the world, most notably in Venezuela and Canada, where they are known as “water-wet” deposits because they’re typically found deep in the earth, mixed in with water, sand and clay in a semi-solid natural deposit. Although several of America’s western/southern states have oil sands deposits, Utah contains approximately 55% of the nation’s total deposits, concentrated in eight major deposit areas with a total resource of over 30 billion barrels of oil. (Source: US DOE).
Read More:

Asphalt Ridge Oil SandsOil Sands DepositsUnita Basin

Asphalt Ridge

Summary of Resource-In Place

Resource Barrels per Acre/Foot Net Pay Feet
Contour Range Avg. Range Avg.
Measured Area:
60,000+ B/A 700-1200 850 25-83 50
20-60,000 B/A 580- 950 775 22-100 35
0-20,000 B/A 300-1000 400 7-60 35
Speculative Area:
0-20,000 B/A 400* 35*
*Assumed the same as measured area contour.

The two outcrops contain the richest areas of the measured field.  Richness varies from 100 to more than 300 barrels per acre-foot.  The net pay ranges from 35 to 50 feet.

The measured resource in-place at Asphalt Ridge is estimated to be 0.8 billion barrels underlying 29,000 acres. The speculative resource in-place is estimated to be 0.3 billion barrels under 22,000 surface acres. (All estimates from the Department of Energy , U.S. Government.)

Operations Overview


MCW’s first oil sands lease is located in the heart of Asphalt Ridge in the Uinta Basin, one of Utah’s 8 major oil sands deposits. The 1128 acre lease is approximately 10 miles from Vernal, the state’s main hub of oil and gas exploration and development, which contains a complete infrastructure of rail facilities, roads, power grid and truck transportation systems. The site is approximately 125 miles from Salt Lake City and the location of five oil refineries.
Read More:

Oil Sands Supply


Oil Sands Recovery Mining Area Oil Sands Recovery Mining Area

MCW Energy Group has a long term Supply Agreement with nearby Temple Mountain Energy Inc., of Utah…a long time supplier of asphalt and bitumen products. The supply agreement initially provides MCW with a minimum of 8,333 tons of oil sands material per month at very favourable prices. The terms of this agreement also include a process-ready, stock-piled inventory of 100,000 tons of feedstock on MCW’s Asphalt Ridge lease site. Read More:

Visit: to see complete details.

Management Team

Dr. R. Gerald Bailey, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer, MCW Energy Group Ltd.

Dr. Bailey has over 50 years of experience in the international petroleum industry in all aspects, both upstream and downstream with specific Middle East skills and U.S. onshore/offshore sectors.  Along with being the CEO of MCW Energy Group, he is currently the Chairman of Bailey Petroleum, LLC, a consulting firm for major oil and gas exploration/development corporations.  In addition, Bailey is Chief Operating Officer of Indoklanicsa, Nicaragua,  Vice Chairman, Trinity Energy Group, Inc., Chairman of American Impact Energy and CEO of American Dakota Refinery, LLC.  Dr. Bailey is retired from Exxon, lastly as President, Arabian Gulf.  During his Exxon career, he also served as the Assistant General Manager, Administration & Commercial, Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil Company; Operations Manager, Qatar General Petroleum Corp., Dukhan Operations and the Operations Manager, Qatar General Petroleum Corp., Umm Said Operations.  He was also the Operations Superintendent, Exxon Lago Oil, Aruba and has spent time in Libya as Operations Superintendent for Esso Standard, Libya, Brega, with experience in LNG and oil field production.  His earlier career included service with Texaco where he gained skills in oil additives and petrochemicals manufacturing.

Dr. Bailey holds a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston, an MS Degree in Chemical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey, a PhD Degree from Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA and is a graduate of Engineering Doctoral Studies from Lamar University, Beaumont, TX.  He has written many articles, papers and studies on the oil industry, and has been a keynote speaker of many international industry conferences including the Money Show conference with his address, “The Future of Oil & Gas Developments,” and FreedomFest Conference, “Investing In Oil,” and also has appeared recently on national Chinese television discussing the “World Energy Outlook.”  He is a member of the Middle East Policy Council, Society of Petroleum Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Aleksandr Blyumkin

Chairman of the Board, MCW Energy Group Ltd.

Aleksandr Blyumkin,  Co-Founder and Chairman of MCW Energy Group,  has a wide range of experience in the energy industry.  After achieving significant success in downstream operationson several energy projects in Azerbaijan, Ukraine and the U.S.,  he recognized a worldwide need for a safe,  environmentally-friendly oil sands extraction technology.  After many years of technology research, Alex and his team discovered the origins of what is now MCW’s groundbreaking extraction technology.  With his vision in seeing the tremendous potential of a safe oil sands extraction technology, he was the key figure in providing significant funding to further develop MCW’s extraction technology. After four years of improvements and enhancements to create today’s version of MCW extraction technology it is now being deployed on the Company’s lease location in Asphalt Ridge, Utah.   He has now focused his interests in oil sands lease development opportunities in the U.S. 

Based at the Company’s offices in Century City, California, Mr. Blyumkin is currently involved in acquiring additional oil sands leases in Utah for the Company’s resource portfolio, with a keen interest in lease development with long term revenue stream potential. He will play an instrumental role in deploying MCW’s proprietary oil sands technology for licensing and joint venture opportunities, as well as devising an operational plan for MCW’s oil production. He will act as a liaison between  MCW’s operational personnel, its geologic team and its environmental consultants through the various permit stages prior to coming on-stream with the Company’s growing Utah oil  production in the years to come.

Mark Korb

Chief Financial Officer

With a high level of experience in taking start-up companies to the next level, Mark Korb has over 20 years experience with high growth companies. He serves as the CFO or Financial Consultant for several companies, including Caldera Pharmaceuticals, a drug discovery and services company. Other represented companies include Fluid Spirit Holdings, LLC, a brand development and events coordinating company; First South Africa Management Corp., a small cap private equity and financial consulting firm. Mr. Korb also serves as the financial consultant to Propel Technologies, an oil and gas services company.

From 2007 to 2009, he was the Group Chief Financial Officer and Director of Foodcorp, a multi-million dollar consumer goods company based in South Africa. He delivered operational and strategic leadership during a period of change including mergers, acquisitions and organic growth. As a Board Director, Mr. Korb cultivated relationships with shareholders, bond holders, financial institutions and auditors. He was also responsible for leading this group’s IT strategies. From 2001 to 2007, Mr. Korb was the Group Chief Financial Officer of First Lifestyle, initially a public company trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange which was purchased by his management group. Mr. Korb eventually led to process of merging the two companies, whereby First Lifestyle was sold to Foodcorp.

Robbie Grossman

Secretary, McMillan, LLP, Toronto, ON, Canada

An experienced securities lawyer, Mr. Grossman joined McMillan, LLP, a Toronto, Ontario, Canada law firm in September, 2013, after having been with Garfinkle Biderman, LLP since 2004.  He assists public/private companies, as well as the securities sector with Initial Public Offerings, M & A and deals with a wide range of securities matters.  He is the Executive Director of the Larry Grossman Foundation For Kids.  Mr. Grossman holds a LL.B Degree from the University of Windsor (ON) and a B.A. Degree (Political Science) from Concordia University (Montreal) and was called to the Ontario bar in 2002.

Vladimir Podlipskiy, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Podlipskiy has extensive experiences as a researcher in many senior science disciplines, involved in oil extraction technologies, car care, household consumer and cosmetic products and research into mould remediation products, all with a focus on the utilization of benign solvents/solutions. Previously, he held research appointments in new product development for EMD Biosciences, Inc., (Merck KgaA, Darnstadt, Germany), and worked as Chief Chemist in Research & Development for Nanotech, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, and as Chief Chemist for Premier Chemical, Compton, CA. He is a former Premier Chemical Scientist at UCLA’s Department of Chemistry. Mr. Podlipskiy owns patents for innovative fuel additives and car care products and has authored several papers involving fuel re-formulator products and mould remediation. He is currently involved in research and development of new petroleum industry products, systems and technologies.

Mr. Podlipskiy is the principal research scientist responsible for the development of MCW Energy Group’s technologies used in its various oil extraction programs in Utah, and has recently finalized all fabrication/assembly details for the company’s first oil sands extraction plant to be installed at Asphalt Ridge, Utah. He has worked extensively with a variety of suppliers from the U.S. and Eastern Europe in the planning and design stages of the extraction unit’s systems. He holds a PhD Degree in Bio-Organic Chemistry from the Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry & Petroleum Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine, and a Degree in MS-Organic Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine.

Donald Clark, Ph.D.

Chief Geologist

Donald Clark will utilize his knowledge of geological resource assessments to assist MCW in its oil sands leases and future resource property acquisitions. Dr. Clark is currently with Ocean Capital Merchant Bank, New York, where he provides financial advisory services to clients seeking funding, with a focus on the resource sectors. He also provides counsel on reviewing hydrocarbon reserves and resource reports, feasibility studies and NI 43-101 reports. Dr. Clark develops financial models and analyzes commodity price fluctuations, as well as operational and transportation costs of oil and natural gas leases.

Dr. Clark has extensive experience in the geological sciences which includes teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in geology; consulting; publishing and research. Dr. Clark has made many professional conference presentations to a wide variety of organizations including the Geological Society of America, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Geological Society of London. He is recognized among his peers for authoring or co-authoring a variety of resource topics in many professional publications, including “Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mesozoic Carbonates of the Bahamas,” and “Searching for Natural Gas in the Beekmantown Group Carbonates of Eastern New York State” Dr. Clark holds a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science (City University of New York), a Master of Arts in Environmental Science (City University of New York College of Staten Island), and A Bachelor of Science in Geology (State University of New York at Brockport).

Dr. Clark is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM).

Marketwired – 10/25/2016
Higher World Oil Prices Allow MCW Energy Group to Enhance Profit Levels as it Moves into its Plant Relocation Plan and a Commercial Production Mode

Marketwired – 10/24/2016
MCW Energy Group Announces Shares for Debt Transactions

CNW Group – 10/24/2016
MCW Energy Group Appoints KCSA as Strategic Communications and Investor Relations Counsel


MCW Energy Group Limited
Canadian Office

181 Bay Street, Suite 4400
Toronto, ON, Canada M5J 2T3

United States Office

4370 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Telephone: 1 (800) 979-1897
Fax: 1 (866) 571-9613

Communications/Media/Investor Liaison

Paul Davey
Telephone 1-(800) 979-1897 (Ext. 3)
Cell: 1-778-389-0915

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