BICX – BioCorRx Inc.

BICX – BioCorRx Inc.

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In December 2013, the company’s name was changed from Fresh Start Private Management, Inc. to BioCorRx, Inc. to better represent the company’s position as a holding company that will be seeking to develop and acquire other addiction programs and healthcare products. The company’s current treatment program is now called the Start Fresh Program.

BioCorRx, Inc. ® (OTCQB: BICX) is a healthcare solutions development company on the leading edge of addiction treatment programs. The company currently owns an addiction treatment program called the Start Fresh Program ® (SFP) that is used by various independently owned licensed addiction clinics throughout the United States to treat alcoholism and select opioid addictions. The company is continually exploring the development or acquisition of other treatment programs and products that will focus on other health issues and/or addictions.


The Start Fresh Program ® (SFP) consists of two components:

1.) BioCorRx has the worldwide rights (except in Australia and New Zealand) to a highly effective, proprietary implant compound of the FDA-approved drug naltrexone. After being surgically implanted by a medical professional, the naltrexone implant significantly reduces cravings for alcohol and opiates for as long as a year in some patients, depending on individual metabolism rates and other factors. Furthermore, once the implant has dissolved, a vast majority of patients are pleased to discover that their physical cravings for alcohol continue to remain greatly reduced or even eliminated.

2.) BioCorRx also owns a life-coaching program that is tailored specifically to substance abuse addicts. Once a patient has received the implant, they are encouraged to enter the life-coaching program to maximize results.

BioCorRx’s revolutionary Start Fresh Program ® has an unprecedented success rate as reported by the independently owned and operated clinics using the SFP. The implant is administered as an outpatient procedure, and in most cases, patients do not need to miss more than one day of work. They are then able to enter the private life-coaching program without co-workers or family members knowing, unless they so choose.


Naltrexone blocks the parts of the brain that “feel pleasure” when patients use alcohol or opioids. When these areas of the brain are blocked, patients feel significantly less cravings for alcohol or drugs and even if a substance is used, the effects of it can be extremely limited – making sobriety the best option. Once medical intervention has reduced the physical need for alcohol or opioids, the program goes on to address the patient’s psychological needs. The combination of these treatments has resulted in the highest chance of sobriety.


*Increase in recent main stream media exposure – Naltrexone was recently covered in Time Magazine and The New York Times.

*BioCorRx and/or its Start Fresh Program was recently featured on The Doctors, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and in multiple local news segments in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York and others. Many of those can be seen on the company’s website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

*“By focusing on branding and expansion to reach mass market adoption, BioCorRx Inc. will continue to position its Start Fresh Program as a leader in treating alcohol and opioid addiction,” stated Lourdes Felix.

*Company became cash flow positive in 2014 for the first time in its history due to increase in license fees, royalties and direct sales.

*Currently 12 clinics in the US using the program compared to only one in late 2013 with more scheduled to go online in 2015.

*Under current LOI to acquire other formulas from Trinity Rx Solutions including the naltrexone formula to expand product base and bring down costs.

*Tight float: BICX completed a large buyback and retirement in 2012 of 27 million shares and retirement of outstanding common stock.

*Excellent team. Experienced veterans added including John Ohanesian, formerly CEO and President of Bosley Inc.

*BioCorRx, Inc. has the worldwide rights (except in Australia and New Zealand) to a highly effective, proprietary implant formulation of the FDA-approved drug, Naltrexone.

*Vast US Market: Some studies report that 10-20 million people in the US have a drinking problem and the cost of alcoholism to society can top $100-200 billion annually.

*Rare combination of tremendous profit potential and dramatic positive social impact for millions of Americans and all those who are affected by the evils of alcohol addiction.

*Number of patients treated up over 400% from 2013 to 2014.

*Eliminated all convertible debt in 2014.

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GlobeNewswire (Mon, Mar 23) Initiates Coverage on BioCorRx (BICX)

GlobeNewswire(Wed, Mar 18)
BioCorRx, Inc. Announces Reinstatement of Letter of Understanding to Acquire Naltrexone Implant Formula for Treating Addiction

GlobeNewswire (Thu, Mar 12)
BioCorRx, Inc. Enters into Supply Agreement to Distribute Start Fresh Program(r) through Established Wellness Center in Corona, CA

GlobeNewswire (Mon, Mar 9)
BioCorRx, Inc. and MyLife Recovery CentersTM Announce Availability of the Start Fresh Program(r) for Treating Addiction in Washington, D.C.

GlobeNewswire (Fri, Mar 6)
BioCorRx Retains BUYINS.NET To Surveil Short Sellers and Market Makers

GlobeNewswire (Fri, Feb 27)
BioCorRx, Inc. Enters into LOI with Myriad Medical Marketing to Introduce Start Fresh Program in Five New Centers


601 N. Parkcenter Drive
Suite 103
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 462-4880

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