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SRGL – Source Gold Corp.

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According to Source Gold’s Website

Source Gold is a reliable business partner that customers can trust with your gold and jewelry. Their customers have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their valuables are insured against loss.

At Source Gold, they employ seasoned, experienced appraisers to ensure that their customers get a fair price for their treasured possessions.

They take the guess work out of the process for customers. They employ time tested techniques as well as state of the art methods to properly assay the gold content of customers jewelry. They employ accredited professionals with the technical expertise and practical skills that enables them to accurately assess and value customers gold. This means customers are paid a fair price for the gold customers sell us!

They have a sterling reputation. Source Gold only associates with competent, experienced and reputable businesses. They promise our customers that they will continue to associate ourselves with partners that uphold the same standards of excellence and integrity that they do. They gain customers the time tested way. They earn them. It is who they are.

Once the value of customers gold is determined, they immediately make customers an offer. The check for your gold is sent as soon as customers accept Their offer. Customers will have your money quickly!



If you have an old piece of gold or jewelry sitting unused in your home you have found your answer! Because you are like millions of americans who do. It could be old or broken or a gift or inheritance. It might be sentimental , but its not your style. You wish you could have CASH instead of the item. is the online jewelry and gold buyer that will give you. We’ll even CASH for your jewelry. Our process is Secure. Discreet. Fast.

Why Source Gold is the right choice

Q: How do you analyze the quality of my items?
A: They use a state-of-the-art tests to assess the value of your precious metals that include electronic analysis, scratch analysis, and x-ray fluorescence testing.

Q: I am worried, how can Source Gold guarantee that submitting my items “risk free”?
A: If customers change their mind about selling their jewelry, simply contact them and return your check within 10 days of receiving the offer. Once they have received your check back, they’ll be happy to return customers items to them free of charge.

Q: How can I trust Source Gold with my items and keep them safe?
A: They store customers valuables in a vault. The entire secure area is monitored by video 24/7, and is insured for a value of 5 times the items we have in the vault.

What is in customers SECURE pack?

A sealable plastic bag to protect customers gold items against environmental and other damage.

A postage-paid, priority shipping envelope, pre-coded to computer-match customers name with their items.

Up to $100 of pre-paid insurance for customers valuables

A complete description of the Cash4Gold assessment process.

Just drop it in the mail. They’ll protect customers property and take care of the rest!

Visit: to see complete details.

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Marketwired (Fri, Nov 20)
Source Gold Corp. Provides Corporate and Projects Update


Source Gold Corp.
4264 Lady Burton Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Phone: (432) 242-1325

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