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VitaCig, Inc. (Stock Symbol: VTCQ) Company, is a technology company that is harnessing mobile vaporization technology for medical delivery applications. Unlike a traditional vitamin vaporizer, the VitaStick delivers a water-vapor of natural flavors, vitamins, terpenes, and phytonutrie.

VitaCig, Inc. is disrupting both the traditional tobacco industry and the emerging personal vaporizer market by appealing to the 1.2 billion adults globally that smoke cigarettes. VitaCig® accomplishes this by providing a nicotine and tobacco- free alternative that may assist in harm reduction. Additionally, the company is expanding the target market beyond those 1.2 billion adults by appealing to non-smokers or occasional users with a superior consumption method for vitamins, nutrients, and other compounds with medicinal efficacy.

The traditional tobacco industry is estimated at nearly $900 Billion a year. Financial analysts from Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup predict that by 2022 Electronic Cigarettes will supplant the traditional tobacco industry and eventually grow into a $1 Trillion industry.

The VitaCig® is the right product unveiled at the right time. By removing nicotine entirely from the equation and delivering vitamins, terpenes, and phytonutrients instead, VitaCig® is well-positioned to gain both the trust and acceptance of consumers around the world.

VitaCig, Inc. is 47% owned by mCig, Inc. (Stock Symbol: MCIG) a technology company that has a history of disrupting the traditional vitamin vaporizer industry by bringing to market the mCig, a $10 loose-leaf vaporizer.





VITACIG: Much more than just an e-cigarette

Vitacig? What is it? VitaCig® is an innovative tobacco-free e-cigarette. Instead of containing harmful substances, VitaCig® delivers vapor that is rich in taste, vitamins, natural aroma and organic plant constituents. VitaCig® embodies what you enjoy about smoking, but without the bad aftertaste, the tobacco smoke and the cigarette smell.

No harmful tar. Just natural ingredients + vapor. Furthermore, VitaCig® is visually appealing with its modern and clear design. It is far ahead of conventional e-cigarettes and provides natural aroma, water vapor, plant constituents and valuable vitamins. Below you can learn more about VitaCig®

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Marketwired (Tue, May 10)
VitaCig, Inc. Set to Unveil New VitaCig 18 Disposable Vitamin Vaporizer Nicotine Line

Accesswire (Mon, Apr 25)
VitaCig Executes Landmark Distribution Agreement Covering China, Expected To Report 200% Revenue Growth Quarter Over Quarter

Marketwired (Thu, Mar 24)
Letter to Shareholders From Newly-Appointed VitaCig, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kassel

Marketwired (Tue, Mar 22)
VitaCig Launches VitaCBD Black & Gold Label CBD Product Line, Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Nicotine Vaping Market


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