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Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is a for‐profit stock corporation registered in the State of Oklahoma with its headquarters located in Las Vegas Nevada. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is created to develop an innovative and quality driven beverage company. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is dedicated to providing the very best in fun, exiting and healthy beverage products aimed at a youthful consumer base. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is committed to taking advantage of a unique and readily available distribution base. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is poised to design the next evolution in the youth and young adult beverage market. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. has identified the largely overlooked and underserved child and pre-teen market segment within the multi-billion dollar beverage industry.

Most large beverage companies have chiefly ignored the youngest of the consumers. They feel there is more profit in getting the child market to purchase a more adult marketed product. For instance: Most convenience stores will stock juice box products for young kids and expect them to advance to a 20oz. soda or a 20oz. sports drink. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is concentrating on capturing that transition market with fun products that appeal to youth and have ingredients that appeal to adults.


Fernhills initial product offering Roadkill, is packaged in a very attractive 12oz. slim bottle that fits smaller hands perfectly. The label is bright and colorful. The label depicts cartoon animals that have lost a battle with vehicles. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. has been very careful to make sure the characters on the labels are still alive. They are just vivid enough for children to say Cool and for moms and dads to say Gross. The product inside is very colorful and is designed to catch the attention of consumers immediately. Roadkill is initially offered in three exciting and fun flavors with others being developed and released as the market demands. The initial flavors are Green Apple (Green Gopher Guts), Blue Raspberry (Blue Raccoon Bits) Grape (Purple Possum Parts) with other flavors such as Fruit Punch (Red Fox in a Box) ready for production.

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is also in the process of developing other products aimed at the teen and pre-adult market to add to the product lines and to take advantage of new and existing distribution channels.

Their products are intended to have exceptional quality, fit, function and style for the discriminatory customer and the youth consumer and will be manufactured in the United States. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. has developed its “flagship” brand Roadkill to take advantage of the gap left in the “youth and pre-teen” group of the consumer beverage market. Roadkill’s initial launch will be in three extremely refreshing flavors:  Green Gopher Guts (Sour Green Apple) – a slightly sour mix of apple flavors and is a bright green color. The product is vitamin packed and is sugar free.

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. has identified the largely overlooked and underserved child and pre-teen market segment within the multi-billion dollar beverage industry.

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Fernhill Beverage Enters the Private Label Market

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Roadkill XL Hits the Production Line; Fernhill is Proud to Announce the First Production of Roadkill XL Has Been Completed

Accesswire – January 13, 2017
Roadkill XL-XF Gets Ready to Hit the Production Line


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Phone: (760) 753-6444

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