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MJOG – Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc. 

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Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc. is in the process of changing its name to Majestic Group Holdings, Inc., a diversified holding company looking for potential acquisitions in various market segments, including, but not limited to, healthcare, technology, industrial, and Biotech. Our plan is to look for target acquisitions in these business segments that have high profitable growth potential. We bring the best management available to expand these companies to their maximum growth, and potential. 

Majestic Group Holdings company was created to acquire and build a portfolio of some of the best companies in the Cannabis Market Today. With demand rising, and the industry booming, legal marijuana operators and companies in the cannabis industry are racing to develop new products and services, acquire land and other assets to enable the enhancement of drastically increasing revenue streams and production capabilities. We bring the best management available to expand these companies to their maximum growth, and potential. Majestic has acquired other companies as well, to create tremendous synergy, and to bring additional revenue,and with the greatest structure possible, the company will deliver the strongest values for their shareholders. 



Majestic Group Holdings company will serve their shareholders with top notch service in our industry while facilitating extraordinary growth and sustainable profitability with cutting edge standards. 


Values and Vision 

Conduct business with integrity and fairness Focus on Investor needs-Continuously train our employees and improve our processes – Provide quality products and services-Reward employees on merit and promote team work-Maintain safe and healthy work environments. 

We build long term value for our investors through the strength of our research and development and by consistently producing profitable growth through superior quality and commitment to the highest standards. 



Majestic Group Holdings Portfolio 


M J Holdings Group Inc. 

Ownership: 100% 

MJ Holdings Group Inc. was formed as a property management company in 2009, for management of growers and cultivation sites. To increase the yield, and the profitability of each licensed grower by approaching the grow more as a small or medium business. We are able to provide services such as floor to ceiling buildouts, more efficient of lighting, ventilation, soil and organic pesticides. The company plans to expand, and to establish Five new growing sites within the upcoming year. In states where there is larger than average growers and dispensaries, like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and now our home State of Florida. Our company has shown these growers a more commercial way of building their business. 


M J Biotech Inc. 

​Ownership: 100% 

MJ Biotec, Inc. ​MJ BioTech is a cure development company, dedicated to unlocking the power of cannabinoid “prodrugs” as a means to treat serious neurological and inflammatory disorders. We are interested in drug approvals first and foremost, but our overarching mission is to improve 
the lives of patients afflicted with devastating neurological and inflammatory conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, narcotic bowel syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. In our programs, we aim to go beyond merely providing symptomatic relief to patients afflicted with these disorders, and to instead provide targeted therapies that can provide long-term or durable relief,as well as even help them recover lost function. 


ATC Industries 

Ownership: 51% 

ATC grew from the legacy of the Staples Brothers starting in 1976 and specialized in maximizing the holding capacity of a wide range of industrial tanks through recovery, recycling, or cleaning. These concepts were utilized in other holding areas, such as industrial ponds and lagoons. Their patented machinery, equipment, tooling, and accessories have made them unique in the industry. ATC will take their proven techniques and equipment and make them even more effective and safer with the latest robotic and cobotic technologies. ATC Business Goals and Objectives are to continue to broaden their customer base, and introduce safe robotics and cobotics into their unique reclamation services. Having originally focused in the Southeast U.S., serving the Pulp and Paper 

Industries, ATC intends to expand nationwide and into other industries such as; Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Municipal Utilities (including Potable Water), and Power Generation. ATC professional services and quality workmanship include heavy industry names such as Georgia Pacific Corp., International Paper, Boise Cascade, Weyerhaeuser, Amerada Hess Corp. and WestRock Co. 

Security Details 


News Disclaimer: 
(Press Releases have not been investigated by Sizzling Stock Picks, therefore, we have no idea if the content of this news is based on Fact or Fiction. Although the link for the following press release may be from a familiar and reputable news source, you should NOT assume that a press wire hosted by a website you are familiar with is accurate just because it is on their site. Sizzling Stock Picks will not be held responsible for any news release, including and not limited to misleading or non-factual content, or the accuracy of the identity of the given source of the press release.) 

GlobeNewswire • July 6, 2018 
Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc. Provides Shareholder Update 

GlobeNewswire • July 3, 2018
Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc. Signs LOI with Urban Garden Supply, LLC 

Press Release | 04/26/2018 
Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc. Enters Into an LOI to Purchase 50% of SkyCloud Terpenes LLC–Gas-Inc-Enters-Into-an-LOI-to-Purchase-50-of-SkyCloud-Terpenes-LLC?id=190496 

Press Release | 04/24/2018 
Majestic Oil & Gas Subsidiary, ATC Holdings, Inc. Announces Receipt of 2 Major POs–Gas-Subsidiary-ATC-Holdings-Inc-Announces-Receipt-of-2-Major-POs?id=190065 

Press Release | 03/21/2018 
Correction to Press Release of January 2, 2018 Re: Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc’s. Announcement of the Signing of Definitive Agreements With ATC Holding, Inc., Completing its Second Acquisition–Gas-Incs-Announcement-of-the-Signing-of-Definitive-Agreem?id=186777 

Press Release | 01/09/2017 
Majestic Oil and Gas Announces New President 

Marketwired – October 10, 2017 
Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc. Announces Intent to Acquire Palatka, FL-based ATC Holding, Inc. 




180 Comfort Road 
Palatka, FL 32177 








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