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Healthnostics, Inc. is a medical and biotechnology analytics company with the mission of helping improve the delivery of healthcare and providing information resources for medical and biotechnology professionals.

Healthnostics provides comprehensive patient clinical monitoring and risk management systems to acute care hospitals; and, utilizes its Internet portals to deliver medical and biotechnology resource information to industry professionals and the general public.


MedGuardian is a Web-based patient care monitoring and risk management system for hospitals. It provides automated data collection, reporting and analysis for improving clinical treatments and reducing medical errors. Patient treatment issues such as clinical complications, unexpected outcomes or other medical issues can be monitored and tracked providing continuous, real-time analysis and improvement. Risk events of concern to a hospital, including information about patients, visitors, and employees are also documented and tracked.

MedBioWorld™ is the premier online resource portal for medical and biotechnology professionals. It provides access to valuable information through directories, targeted search engines and specialized databases, as well as through reference tools like dictionaries, calculators, blogs, and newsletters.

MedBioWorld also provides Health News Explorer for searching Reuters Health and Industry News using proprietary keyword search, results clustering, find similar context search and term-suggest technology to mine the 48,500 Reuters Health news articles resident on the MedBioWorld portal. Other research tools include medical and biotechnology disease databases, clinical trials, medical guidelines, education and training, and medical journal full-text articles and abstracts.

FamilyMedicalNet is a consumer site based on the concept of selecting the best information on every possible health and medical subject from all over the Internet, including primary and secondary sources that are determined to be reliable and up-to-date. The greatest focus, however, is on steering the visitor to information from federal government health and medical Web sites, associations, publications and databases. is intended for all ages and stages of life. It is organized by Focus Groups and Health Issues, giving immediate access to the information of interest to the visitor. The search feature, in particular, brings up sources from government databases that are easy to understand and are complete and up-to-date.

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EDGAR Online Financials (Fri, Sep 11)

Accesswire (Wed, Jan 14)
Healthnostics Obtains First Bio-Medical Application License Nanoparticle Technology Applies to Several Medical Fields

Accesswire (Thu, Jan 8)
Healthnostics Announces New Medical Therapeutic Initiative


Healthnostics, Inc.
626C Admiral Drive, #141
Annapolis, MD. 21401
Phone: 410-295-3388

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