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GRWC – Grow Condos, Inc.


Company Overview


Grow Condos ( GRWC : OTCQB ) is the world’s first publicly-listed real estate company dedicated exclusively to the Cannabis industry. They own, develop and manages industrial properties with the stated mission of enabling and enhancing the cultivation of Cannabis growers. They also outfit these growers along with supplying them with a unique advisory and consulting services

GrowCondos, Inc. is a real estate purchaser, developer & manager of specific use industrial properties providing “condo” style turn-key grow facilities to support the cannabis industry. They own, lease, sell and manage multi-tenant properties. Like during the Gold Rush days in California, Grow Condos is focused on a pick-and-shovel approach to participating in the exploding marijuana industry. They finance the purchase and/or development of properties by offering to investors private placement sponsorships, debt instruments, or limited partnerships. They believe there is a significant investor demand for such opportunities. Currently They own and manage a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Eagle Point, Oregon, own and developing a property in Eugene Oregon and are currently looking into other acquisitions in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, California and Nevada with like-minded investors who want to share in the growth of this dynamic new industry.

Industry Highlights

Right now, it’s estimated that the U.S. cannabis consumer market for legalized recreational and medicinal use was $4.4 billion in 2015 and in all likelihood will grow to $9.5 billion in 2019. Once legalized federally, it’s estimated this market will grow to $37 billion within 5 years and $50 billion within 10 years.

Cannabinoid therapeutic applications have been identified for more than 40 medical conditions including arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma and HIV/ AIDS and that it’s believed that the future cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals market may ultimately exceed $50 billion.

That industry experts believe that with the states increasingly accepting Marijuana; that federal legalization is not a question of if but rather when. Just like it all happened with lift prohibition in in the 1920’s. It’s time has come.

The Company

Their company is taking a very unique approach to this explosive industry. Its very similar to the “Pick and Shovel approach that was used back in the Gold Rush and the Great Land Grab of the Unites States. They believe the greatest opportunities and leverage are not in the Marijuana per say but rather in the supplying the industry itself. And that, the greatest and most profitable opportunities will be in Real Estate, Education and Advisory Services.

Already, right now our company owns and operates our first 10 unit facility based in Medford Oregon. This initial complex is already fully rented out with a long waiting list. This initial first facility is where the initial inception of Grow Condo’s was initially developed was when we discovered just how much that tenants were passionate with their units and how willing they are to spend big money on leasehold improvements and on customizing their individual units in order to fulfill that passion. It was then when we discovered we wanted to be in the business of helping marijuana industry professionals fulfill their passion and make real estate the cornerstone and backbone of the Grow Condo’s business model.

Grow Condo’s itself can be broken down into 3 main revenue prongs

Education and Advisory
Ancillary Services
Real Estate

On the Real Estate side we recently closed on our second facility based in Eugene Oregon and are beginning to implement the second phase of our model. The Eugene property calls for a much larger development of 5 buildings and 37 units total. While unit is estimated to be sold for $150,000 to $175,000 per empty shell we believe that typical spends can reach up to $400,000 when you add lighting, shelves, engineering etc.
Management believes there is a tremendous opportunity to build out a national footprint across the USA for this formula as more and more states make Marijuana legal

Financials & Filings
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Partnerships and Advisers

Grow Condos has developed an advantageous strategy designed to enhance the Company’s spectrum of service offerings, bolster corporate awareness through mutually beneficial relationships and Joint Ventures, and strengthen the Company’s financial position with supplemental revenue streams. The Company’s mission in this endeavor is to build, empower and advance collaborating companies and clients in numerous sectors of this newly legalized and evolving industry, yielding development opportunities and collaborative relationships that lengthen the Company’s reach and increases revenues through the providing of value added services. Moreover, the plan of action reinforces the corporate structure with a growing diversity of industry experts, organized to support the Company and its client’s aspirations for success.

This particular agreement enables Grow Condos unique ability to provide a unique staffing solution for the Company’s clients while providing an additional profit center. A major concern for Marijuana Growers is the cost prohibitive process of engaging qualified employees. This staffing solution empowers clients to gain access to skilled staff members, conducting comprehensive background checks, providing worker’s compensation while simultaneously providing advantages for its staff such as banking solutions. This agreement will strengthen GroW Condos with the ability to provide this solution for its clients and customers while boosting revenues through a mutually advantageous agreement yielding the Company a return as high as 20% of income earned.

This association allows Grow Condos to provide another unique solution for our clients while potentially providing an additional profit center for Grow Condos. Another significant concern for marijuana growers is reliable access to expansion capital for equipment such as quality lighting, cutting-edge structural components, and proper irrigation. CAN LEASE, LLC is a specialist in this area and has tailored its business specifically to the marijuana industry, allowing them to be the “best of breed” solution to marijuana businesses.


Click here to view a PDF Brochure about the Pioneer Park project

Click here for PDF Brochure about the Site Development Plan for Eugene property.

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The Team

Wayne Zallen – Chief Executive Officer & Director

What has today become Grow Condos, Inc. began in October 2013 when Mr. Zallen bought an unfinished, industrial warehouse from a local bank and subsequently developed it into a safe haven for medical marijuana growers.Mr. Zallen has since developed an innovative lease-option model that benefits both the grower as well as the investor. In April 2009, Mr. Zallen gained deep industry experience by developing an aeroponic growing method that produces superior quality medical marijuana in a minimal amount of time.

From 2006 up to the present, Mr. Zallen was the President of Sigclo Enterprises, LLC a business incubator specializing in importing and distributing goods through a multitude of web based consumer channels. Prior to that Mr. Zallen specialized in buying, building, and assisting startup companies in achieving their untapped potential. To date these businesses continue to operate profitably.

From 1986 to 2000 Mr. Zallen was involved in the financial services industry, owning one of the first Allstate’s insurance franchises and achieving a top 1% national ranking. Later he went on to establish a San Francisco Bay Area regional office of American National Financial, Inc., where he hired, trained, and developed sales agents to originate over $8 million USD per month in wholesale and retail loans across Northern California.

Mr. Zallen has also been a Business Manager & Account Executive for John Rhein Advertising and was responsible for business management, budgeting, media evaluation, and procurement at John Rhein Advertising where he developed exclusive advertising campaigns which went on to be syndicated nationwide. In 1977 Mr. Zallen obtained an Industrial Design Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University.

Joann Zallen Cleckner – Secretary

Joann is a native of New York; was raised in central Ohio, and spent most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having recently relocated to Southern Oregon.

Mrs. Cleckner previously worked in the Tax Department of Bank of America and when the division she worked in was sold to General Electric, she became a Divisional Controller for GE. After years of gaining invaluable experience in a large corporate environment, Mrs. Cleckner worked for various clients doing contract accounting. Subsequently, she took a position in Public Accounting, working as a senior auditor and passing the Uniform CPA Examination and earning her California CPA license. She then opened her own practice, specializing in small business consulting and taxes. After earning a BA in Comprehensive Social Studies at The Ohio State University, Mrs. Cleckner went on to earn an MA in Public administration with an emphasis in Personnel and Labor Relations as well as a JD, Cum Laude. She is interested in alternate dispute resolution and has an Oregon Mediation Certification. Mrs. Cleckner has also served on numerous not for profit boards.

Carl S. Sanko – Director

Mr. Sanko is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) and has provided tax, accounting, and consulting services to clients for the past five years, including working as a contract CFO, Secretary, and Director of Kush (a private Nevada corporation) for the past year and a half. Mr. Sanko is also a licensed real estate broker, owning an independent real estate corporation.

David M. Tobias – Director

Mr. Tobias brings nearly 30 years of Executive Management experience in the Cannabis industry and is a respected industry leader.

He is currently President & Secretary of Wild Earth Naturals, Inc. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc. and Cannabis Sativa, Inc. Mr. Tobias was previously a Director & Vice President of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and President of Hemp, Inc.

Robert Carp- Board of advisors

Former Harvard University Dean’s Council, Robert Carp, is one of the nation’s leading national lecturers and prolific authors. Carp is currently a practicing attorney in the Boston area, and a nationwide public speaker on marijuana based business operations, corporate structures and tax issues. As head of Carp Law Group, Mr. Carp has acquired an expertise in the cannabis industry that is considered world class. His practice empowers clients with guidance involving the development and maintenance of full turn-key applications for dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other grow facilities; supporting a spectrum of dispensaries in their endeavor to develop efficient and profitable state-of-the-art harvesting operations.

Robert Carp has developed a successful career in assisting clients with compliance and OSHA issues, local business rules, and federal regulation. He is the author of the 350-page industry bible, “The Marijuana Business Operations Guide”, which is a comprehensive step by step manual designed to help newly aspiring entrepreneurs save tens of thousands on legal bills and consulting fees by capitalizing on the acquired knowledge and experience of successful business leaders in the growing industry. The up-to-date guide covers from how to apply for a cultivation permit, to building a successful dispensary, with everything in between, and more. Leading in its category on, it covers every imaginable topic on the business of growing and selling cannabis, providing readers with the advantage of tried and true strategies to gain success in the growing industry. Carp is also the founder of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensers Association. Former High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year, Robert Carp, graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in 1977, and went on to acquire his Masters from Harvard University in Political Science and Government in 2009. He currently practices Law specializing in corporate matters, estate planning, litigation, and any other business matters requiring a dispassionate, analytical look.

Charles B. Mathews – Corporate Chief Financial Officer

Recognized as a notable proprietor and highly proficient financial professional with comprehensive experience in the full spectrum of organizational management, Mr. Mathews brings to the table extensive experience in process enhancement, financial and economic analysis and a keen discernment for successful business and organizational development strategies. His hands-on management style in the development and implementation of calculated strategies is expected to significantly enhance the Company’s potential for growth and achievement.

Mr. Mathews brings over 30 years of executive financial management experience with both public and private companies. He has operated as a successful proprietor, Charles B. Mathews, CPA, an accounting and business consulting firm in Phoenix, AZ since 2000. Having set his sights on serving the cannabis sector as of late, he has been gaining invaluable insight into the industry. Having served as Chief Financial Officer for mCig, Inc. MCIG:OTCQB and Vitacig, Inc. in addition to his tenure as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Quepasa Corporation NYSE:QPSA, a publicly traded leading Hispanic internet portal, qualified him as the Company’s premium candidate. Mr. Mathews, a Certified Public Accountant, earned his B.A. in Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University and an M.B.A. from Arizona State University.

Proficient financial professional with comprehensive experience in all aspects of organizational management. Extensive experience in process enhancement, financial and economic analysis with a “street-sense” for business and organizational development. Hands-on management style in the development and implementation of strategic plans to ensure company growth and profitability. Demonstrated record of success in organizational development, controlling costs, improving earnings and cash flow.


722 W. Dutton Road Eagle Point,
Oregon 97524
(541) 879-0504

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