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Website: http://www.flashzero.info/

FlashZero is an emerging Los Angeles software development company that develops AI-based products.

They are introducing a new avenue where people can engage in global commerce, introduce and launch important ideas and concepts and secure necessary resources and participative support.

Their website will offer an easy way for people to use their smart phone and the Internet to specify and obtain what they want or need instantly from global sources.

At FlashZero users will engage goods and service vendors, advertisers, associates, product co-creators, team members, and service providers privately and in a secure setting.

FlashZero Brand

-FlashZero is an Internet messaging and collaboration platform where users pursue ideas and secure necessary resources in a global context;

-According to Flashzero their service will deliver immediate, hyper-targeted connectivity to the right people, resources and solutions;

-Instant connectivity. Dependable, substantive resource matching and fulfillment. This is the FlashZero brand;

-It starts with a single, purpose-driven thought – a “Spark” – acknowledged by others and acted on to become a “Flash” – a tangible commerce transaction, project or initiative;

-The FlashZero brand – applied focus, intensity, and substantive action and results.



“Spark” Service

​ According to FZRO’s website, FlashZero “Spark” is a targeted messaging, collaboration and engagement service featuring immediate hyper-targeted connectivity, matching and response. The following “Spark” services will be available to users:

-Global commerce. FlashZero “Sparks” will be used to identify where a specific good or service is avaliable via hyper-targeted matching. Users will immediately connect with and engage the resource and perform desired transactions;

-Hyper-targeted advertising. “Sparks” will be used to connect advertisers with super-premium, pre-qualified “gold nugget” customers;

-Concept and initiative articulation/ dissemination. FlashZero users (“Sparkers”) will express ideas, concepts and intent and broadcast them for review;

-Product/ project creation facilitation. Users will transform creative ideas and concepts into fully-articulated products and initiatives; and Resource specification/ acquisition. Users will create “Sparks” to specify resources and make substantive connections.

“FlashAccess” Service

“FlashAccess” will be the commerce and the fulfillment component of FlashZero. After users and their responders make and initial connection via a “Spark” they may elect to perform a transaction for goods and/ or services. “FlashAccess” will facilitate the sales transaction and ensure fulfillment (delivery).

The following “FlashAccess” services will be provided:

Consumers. Consumers will access information, goods and services and engage in commerce with hyper-targeted global sources. They will participate in lifestyle activities including daily tasks, entertainment, and sports;

Advertisers. Brands will identify and target “gold nugget” prospects. They will engage and close customers;

Vendors. Retailers and other vendors will link directly to pre-qualified global customers. “FlashAccess” will facilitate all commerce connectivity, sales transactions and fulfillment.

“FlashSpace” Service

“FlashSpaces” will be powerful cloud-based venues convened on an ad-hoc basis to facilitate personal engagement, commerce and the pursuit of lifestyle activities. They will give users a powerful tool to bring focus to their project, vision or idea, secure resources and take action.

“FlashSpaces” will provide the following unique capabilities:

-Users will instantly convene an ad-hoc virtual engagement space with effective new tools for personalized interaction, information sharing and problem solving;

-Users will enjoy real-time availability of resources, “intelligent” assistance and performance support;

-Users will have the ability to “shadow” live events, giving event participants a private and secure venue for communication and collaboration independent of other modalities;

-All communication and information sharing will be encrypted for privacy.

Visit: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/FZRO/company-info to see complete details.

Management Team

Dr. Ramiro Jordan, CEO 

 Dr.Ramiro Jordan is Founder and Executive Vice President of ISTEC (the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium), a non-profit organization comprised of educational, research, industrial, and multilateral organizations throughout the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. Currently he holds the position of VP for the Americas Region in the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies. He is also a Board member of the Engineering for the Americas Initiative, which is an Initiative of all Heads of State of the Americas Region hosted by the Organization of American States. He also is Executive Vice-president and Chief Development Officer of Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc. He is currently a faculty at the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of New Mexico (USA) as well in the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata (Argentina).

Gary Kimmons, Chairman/President

Mr.Kimmons’ founded an intelligent learning company that created a key technology chosen as the United Nations Flag Technology for software. Gary’s company successfully associated the company’s brand with other national brands including National Geographic, The Smithsonian, Radio Shack, AOL, and others. Mr.Kimmons established all of the business processes and services for the Company and took it to a $500 million valuation.

Chris Mitchell, CFO 

 Chris has extensive leadership expertise and experience, particularly in the technology industry. He founded Mitchell Consulting Group, LLC in 2011, a financial strategy and management consulting firm located in Austin, Texas. He founded the firm after serving three years at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation as the Chief Financial Officer. Prior to the Foundation, he spent fourteen years at Dell,Inc. where he held several senior management roles most recently serving as Director of Finance and Web Analytics of dell.com. Prior to Dell, Inc., he worked in public accounting at KPMG.

Dr. Jack Crosscope, Director of Technology Development

Dr. Crosscope is the original developer of the QM’s proprietary AI learning technology engine. Dr. Crosscope has been developing cutting edge software applications since the early eighties. He has extensive experience in development for the Internet, and in a wide range of programming languages for programming, for Artificial Intelligence and mathematical software. He has competence with architectural design and system analysis. He has held leadership positions at Knowledge Based Silicon Corporations where he developed a chip-based rule language, and was the go-to person for AI issues for the company’s ASIC (Application-Specific Intergrated Circuits) CAD software product. He developed a neural network for nondestructive evaluation for the USAF. He worked in rule-based systems at the Intelligent Systems Group at the AT&T Human Interface Technology Center, Artificial Inetlligence at Brightware (later MindBox) with a primary focus on financial applications, Applied Systems Inetlligence developing systems for military applications, and several other leading technology companies.

Deployment Strategy


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5100 Westheimer St.
Suite 115
Houston, TX 77056
Tel: 323-325-8954
Email: info@flashzero.info

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