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AGTK – Agritek Holdings, Inc.

Company Overview


Agritek Holdings, Inc., the first fully reporting Company and pioneer within the medicinal marijuana sector, provides innovative patient and agricultural solutions and seeks to be the leader in Compassionate Care Technology and indoor/outdoor agricultural solutions for the recreational cannabis industry.

Agritek Holdings, Inc., the first fully reporting company under the OTCQB, (Stock Symbol: AGTK) provides innovative patient and agricultural solutions with the goal of becoming a leader in compassionate care technology for the medical marijuana industry. While it does not grow, harvest, or distribute cannabis, the company provides real estate management and health and wellness product lines, including beverages, vaporizers, and accessories under its trademarked Mont Blunt™ brand. The Company additionally has two wholly owned subsidiaries, “Agritek Venture Holdings, Inc.,” which holds all land acquisitions and leases as well as “The American Hemp Trading, Inc.,” for hemp based beverages and products.

Agritek Holdings through its’ wholly owned subsidiary “Agritek Venture Holdings Inc.” provides real estate services including the acquisition, zoning, infrastructure build of greenhouse operations and leasing of agricultural land developments zoned specifically for canna-business within licensed jurisdictions. The Company presently holds land ownership of over 120 acres in Colorado as well as managing new project acquisitions and acreage in Florida and Nevada.

Agritek Holdings Inc. does not directly grow, harvest, or distribute or sell cannabis or any substances that violate United States law or the Controlled Substances Act, nor does it intend to do so in the future.

The U.S. cannabis industry grew 64% in 2013 and is expected to reach $2.34 billion in size by the end of 2014, according to ArcView Market Research. The Company’s combination of agricultural acquisitions and plans for managed facilities in three legal jurisdictions, Colorado, Florida and Nevada, wellness products and financial management services aligned with its seasoned management team presents a fully-integrated and diversified play within the cannabis industry.

Wellness Products

Agritek Holdings prides itself off of the innovative and disruptive brands within it’s portfolio. Our product line includes:

California Premiums
Hemp Pops

California Premiums

Unique blend of prepackaged and pre-roll strains the
Company recently announced the acquisition and exclusive license for all legal jurisdictions for California Premiums, a growers reserve and premium brand of pre-packaged pre-rolls for the medical and recreational space. Initial production is within California, with additional franchises planned for Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. Agritek receives a “flat fee” as a royalty
license for each pack sold in regulated jurisdictions.

Hemp Pops

The first “Hemp Oil Infused” Popsicle. Hemp Pops are a nondairy,
vegan, gluten free and a low calorie wellness desert snack wholly
owned and trademark pending by Agritek.

Agricultural Land Acquisition and Management

We offer the real estate in a few different packages the most basic being a “ground lease” or “land rental”.

Land Rentals involve our designating a 5 acre section of our site for a grower to use. We install the minimum required infrastructure including a small building (executive construction trailer) complete with ADA bathroom and hot/cold water, sewage, and power hook up. Then we place a perimeter fence around the parcel and install state approved video cameras, lights, alarms and a DVR. We rent these fields out for a minimum of $5,000 per month and a typical maximum of $100,000 depending on the amount of improvements we are required to build. This is a highly profitable service.

Production Building Rentals is a much more involved process whereby we construct a 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. cannabis production facility. From the outside this building is a hybrid cross between a warehouse and a greenhouse. From the inside the building is a growers dream with all the environmental controls managed by a computer whose job is to keep the environment as steady as possible. Rents start at $15 per sq. ft. per year and will increase as we fill up each phase of the campus.
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Financials & Filings
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Marketwired December 28, 2016
Agritek Holdings, Inc. Announces Completion of Stock Purchase And Acquisition Of California Based Sterling Classic Compassion And Appointment Of Entertainment Icon Russ Regan As President

Marketwired December 13, 2016
Agritek Holdings, Inc. Announces Filing Of Quarterly Reports And Return To Fully Reporting And Compliant Trading Status

Marketwired August 15, 2016
Agritek Holdings, Inc. Announces Strategic Alliance and Partnership With WoahStork.Com


AgriTek Holdings, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters
777 Brickell Avenue, Suite #500
Miami, Fl 33131

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