GRST Wins Major Police Force Treatment Endorsement, Plans to Move Forward With Additional Facilities


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GreeneStone Wins Major Police Force Treatment Endorsement, Plans to Move Forward With Additional Facilities


TORONTO, March 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation (GRST), a provider of healthcare services and operator of several mental health clinics, has been awarded the business of treating addiction problems for a major regional Ontario Police Force. CEO, Shawn Leon, stated “This Police Force has spent a lot of time evaluating external providers that could offer the most effective treatment option for their officers. Based on our multidisciplinary teams strength in treating concurrent disorders and specifically in the area of occupational stress injury (commonly referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), our unique facilities, and our understanding of their unique challenges, we were selected to be the exclusive providers of treatment for this Force.”

This is a major endorsement and will be the catalyst to providing specialized treatment for First Responders such as Police, Firefighters, EMS and Military personnel. It is a foundation which GreeneStone will build on and it will be a major part of the Company’s plan to expand to 200 beds over the next twenty four months. Leon further stated, “We are announcing today that because of this news we will move forward with expansion plans and open a second facility.”

The Company has been heading in this direction since it hired the well experienced Dr. William Jacyck eighteen months ago. Dr. Jacyck has developed a strong trauma related treatment program for addiction. The issues that arise from occupational stress injury for First Responders are very unique to them and needs specialized treatment to be effective. GreeneStone plans on devoting one of its facilities to serve this population exclusively.

About GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation

GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation (OTCBB/QB:GRST) operates medical and healthcare clinics in Ontario, Canada. GreeneStone’s clinics serve to add overflow capacity to an increasingly stretched provincial healthcare system, and provide private alternatives to publicly available healthcare services. Its four medical clinics (three in Toronto, along with a facility in Muskoka, Ontario) offer various medical services, including addiction treatment, endoscopy, minor cosmetic procedures, and executive healthcare services. The company currently has more than 60 employees and is based in Toronto, Ontario.

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