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(According to UATG Website)

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. is a diversified, leading edge technology company with an innovative vision in the fields of alternative energy, conventional energy, medical innovation, environmental remediation, weapons systems, and compound recognition technologies which are marketed toward homeland security.

At UAT Group, they believe that innovation and technology are the next form of human evolution. Their holdings passionately represent some of the most advanced technology as it relates to alternative energy, conventional energy, medical innovation, environmental remediation, weapons systems, and compound recognition technologies.

Their powerful portfolio of companies is only as good as the people behind it. At UATG Shaping a corporate culture is anything but passive. It’s an active endeavor that requires the participation of everyone involved. UATG is proud to nurture a culture in which all employees are respected and empowered to do the right thing. Every day, in every situation. They foster an environment of technological empowerment and provide their coworkers with superior resources to maximize the company’s opportunities for success.

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc., also believes in a diversified approach. To help bring about a new day of technological advances and to capitalize on the human spirit for innovation, they have and will continue to develop holdings who represent the most motivated and hardest working companies in their respective industries. they invite you to visit their holdings and to contact them to learn more about the UAT Group.


UAT Group Companies


Umbra Applied Technologies


(According to Umbra Applied Technologies Website)

Umbra Applied Technologies (UAT) is a U.S. based Defense and Security company. The Company delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced biotech, electronics, security, information technology solutions and support services.

It takes more than technology to become a leading technology and defense provider. It takes an aptitude for whole systems thinking, a clear vision of our defense needs and a genuine passion for performance. Whether it is for warfighters in forward areas or civilians on the streets of New York, at Umbra Applied Technologies excellence is not something we strive for it is something they do every day keeping in mind who will be using the products they deliver.

Umbra Applied Technologies is proud to bring relevant experience and the innovating minds of our people to not only serve national security interests but help solve energy and climate challenges as well. At Umbra Applied Technologies “Changing The World, Is What they Do”.



Umbra Applied Technologies INC

Tampa Corporate Office
2203 N Lois Ave.Suite G400
Tampa FL 33607

Austin Texas Research & Development
12600 Hill Country Blvd
Austin, TX 78738

UAT Administrative Annex
4377 Commercial Way #130
Spring Hill, FL 34606


Intrepid Innovations


(According to Intrepid Innovations Website)

About Intrepid Innovations

Intrepid Innovations Corporation is a holding company that operates through its subsidiaries in alternative energies, natural resource exploration, and the medical technologies sector. The company takes pride in the innovative and cutting-edge technological advances of the products featured throughout its portfolio, and it oversees businesses that endeavor to make the world a better place.

Intreprid Innovations Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc., and is based in the United States.

Power in Numbers

They strive to incorporate valuable companies and their products to create a robust portfolio that best represents a positive change in the world through technology and innovation. They believe that the future is not what finds them tomorrow, but what they choose to find for tomorrow. They are proud to stand behind industry-advancing companies, and they look to continue to enjoy the growth of our diversified and advancing portfolio in the years to come.





Intrepid Innovations
400 West Sycamore Street

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Marketwired (Wed, Mar 30)
Umbra Applied Technologies Group Restructures Subsidiaries

Marketwired (Thu, Feb 4)
Umbra Applied Technologies Group Retains the Auditing Services of Notable Fruci and Associates, Full-Service CPA

Marketwired (Thu, Jan 28)
Umbra Applied Technologies Group Approves Stock Buyback

PR Newswire (Tue, Jan 19)
Umbra Applied Technologies Group Finalizes Design and Unveils State of the Art PRP-30 Military Grade Combat Sniper Rifle



UAT Group
2203 N Lois Ave Suite G400
Tampa, FL 33607 USA

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