CYAP – Cyber Apps World Inc.

CYAP – Cyber Apps World Inc.

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INSTANT COUPON makes it easy for its users to find coupons and promotional discounts on products and merchandise from thousands of stores and brands every day. INSTANT COUPON offers instant coupons and amazing discounts on all types of products, be it for household, grocery, clothing, shoes, electronics, laptops, digital cameras or anything else. Shoppers can scan more than 30,000 coupons and special bargains from stores in over 35 categories, updated every day.

One of the leading priorities for shoppers is to find great savings while shopping. Sometimes it becomes too hectic trying to find the best coupons and deals across various stores and categories.

One APP, one location, to find coupons and savings at ALL your favorite stores – and even at stores you didn’t know you could get coupons from. We work with our merchant partners and scour the web to create a true one-stop shop for savings. Whether you’re looking for a grocery coupon, restaurant coupon or a free sample, we have it for you.

We make it easy – We have everything you need to save money in one mobile app for savings on-the-go.

INSTANT COUPON will initially derive revenue from three sources.

1. Subscriber Fees – Subscribers wishing to embrace the enhanced money saving features of INSTANT COUPON will pay a monthly fee.

2. Coupon Processing/Commission – Retailers pay a fee to INSTANT COUPON for each coupon redeemed. For INSTANT COUPON users who purchase an item directly and processed via INSTANT COUPON, the seller provides a commission for the sale to INSTANT COUPON.

3. Retailer Paid Coupon Placement – Retailers will pay a fee for posting of coupons to INSTANT COUPON.



INSTANT COUPONS APP is an all in one ecommerce platform that will allow consumers and businesses around the world to be able to purchase and sell unlimited products and services. Consumers in every city around the world, can instantly access coupons and discounts for local, national and international goods and services


Consumers simply complete the order online or show their smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets to the cashier at checkout to receive the savings; no need to print coupons. This will enable Merchant partners to pass on savings to consumers and reduce their costs by eliminating distributors, wholesalers and retailers and ship direct to the consumer.


Cyber Apps World has entered into a Worldwide Marketing License Agreement to market products and services using the INSTANT COUPONS APP platform.

The INSTANT COUPONS APP platform will allow merchants wishing to offer coupons or discounts on products and services to simply upload their complete merchandise description on the INSTANT COUPONS APP website merchant portal. The listing is promptly reviewed for approval by INSTANT COUPONS APP then made available to consumers on a real time basis. This provides Merchant partners the flexibility to shift with ever changing market conditions and respond in real-time.

Visit:  to see complete details.

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Marketwired (Tue, Jun 2)
Cyber Apps World (OTCBB: CYAP) Confirms Marketing/Licensing Agreement With Instant Coupon App for Marketing on Their Proprietary E-Commerce Network


420 N. Nellis Blvd.
Suite A3-146
Las Vegas, NV 89110
Phone: (702) 425-4289

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