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BSGM – BioSig Technologies Inc.

BSGM – BioSig Technologies Inc.

Company Overview


We wanted to reach out regarding an innovative company that believes it will fix a major problem for surgeons and patients alike while undergoing electrophysiology (EP) surgery for patients with arrhythmias.

Millions of Americans suffer from the dangerous condition of cardiac arrhythmias, which causes strokes and sudden cardiac arrest. As you may know, current cardiac ablation procedures are a headache for surgeons and patients, as it in most cases it takes MULTIPLE procedures to correct cardiac murmurs. The cause is due to the limits of current technology, which leaves surgeons to blindly try and find the exact location of the heart murmur during the procedure.

We want to introduce you to BioSig Technologies, a leading cardiac medical device company has developed PURE EP System, which is designed to improve the outcomes of cardiac ablation procedures. When undergoing a procedure, the PURE EP system eliminates electronic noise and pinpoints the exact location in the heart causing arrhythmias. The surgeon can then correct the dangerous heart rhythm without hesitation, and most importantly in ONE procedure.

The PURE EP system is proprietary technology and first-of-its kind to act as a GPS for surgeons when performing corrective cardiac arrhythmia surgeries.

BioSig Technologies, Inc. (BSGM) is a medical device company that has developed a proprietary technology platform designed to greatly improve the rapidly growing $3 billion electrophysiology (EP) marketplace. Led by a proven management team and a veteran, independent Board of Directors, Los Angeles-based BioSig is preparing to commercialize its PURE EP™ System.


The PURE EP System is a multichannel electrocardiogram and intracardiac recording system to be used for electrophysiology procedures ranging from simple diagnostic tests, to catheter ablation for the most complex cases of arrhythmias. The PURE EP System is designed to allow for precise, uninterrupted, real-time evaluations of electrocardiograms and electrograms, a unique platform for electrophysiologists to obtain important clinical data.

The PURE EP System is being developed to provide information that can be used by electrophysiologists to help guide the ablation catheter; shorten procedure times; and reduce the complexity of maneuvers necessary for identifying ablation targets for various arhythmias, including ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation.

The PURE EP System is a multichannel electrocardiogram and intracardiac recording system to be used for electrophysiology procedures ranging from simple diagnostic tests, to catheter ablation for the most complex cases of arrhythmias. The PURE EP System is designed to allow for precise, uninterrupted, real-time evaluations of electrocardiograms and electrograms, a unique platform for electrophysiologists to obtain important clinical data.

The PURE EP System is being developed to provide information that can be used by electrophysiologists to help guide the ablation catheter; shorten procedure times; and reduce the complexity of maneuvers necessary for identifying ablation targets for various arrhythmias, including ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation.

Initial Analysis

To determine and validate the state of present electrophysiology recording technology in the field, we completed a detailed analysis of the effect of filters used by existing EP recorders to reduce noise on spaciotemporal characteristics of electrocardiograms and intracardiac electrograms.

Bio Sig Technologies said they used a custom built electrocardiogram/intracardiac simulator with a database of various electrocardiogram signals combined with electrophysiology signals, along with waveforms from publicly available databases. The ability to faithfully reproduce database waveforms generated by an electrocardiogram/intracardiac simulator was tested using the PURE EP System and conventional electrophysiology recorders.

Bio Sig Technologies evaluated the signal quality (amplitude, morphology and duration) of the different recorders, along with the ability of the recorders to reduce noise level and remove baseline wander, which are the cardiac signals that have shifted from the isoelectric line (the base line of the signal tracing). The electrocardiogram and intracardiac signals subjected to the PURE EP System’s signal processing showed less baseline wander, noise and artifacts compared to the conventional electrophysiology recorders.

Conventional Electrophysiology Reading (Top) versus the PURE EP System’s Reading (Bottom) While preliminary analysis of the data from this study has been performed, the analysis of the data will be presented more formally in the future in conjunction with data from our other studies. If they are able to demonstrate a similar level of success in removing baseline wander and reducing noise level for our planned pre-clinical, animal and clinical studies and trials, they believe that the PURE EP System’s signal processing will become a vital part of electrophysiology labs and will greatly assist in the ablation treatment for complex arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.

Board Of Directors & Management Team:

Gregory D. Cash, President, CEO & Director

Greg Cash is an experienced executive and a seasoned industry veteran. He has over 30 years of business experience and has been chief executive officer of several companies, both public and privately held, as well as run global business units of larger companies. Prior to joining BioSig, Mr. Cash was President and CEO of Argent International, a life sciences consulting firm. Previous positions include President and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroTherm, Inc., President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as a director of HeartSine Technologies, Inc., President, Vascular Therapy and New Businesses for Sorin Group based in Milan, Italy, President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of Vasomedical, Inc. a NASDAQ traded public company, Corporate Vice President, Datascope Corporation, and President of its subsidiary, InterVascular, Inc., President and Chief Operating Officer of Eminent Technology Partners and Chief Executive Office of its subsidiary, Eminent Research Systems, Vice President and General Manager, Vascular Therapies, for U.S. Surgical Corporation and spent five years with Boston Scientific Corporation, ultimately as Vice President, Cardiology Sales and Marketing, Europe. He began his career at Medtronic, Inc., where he served 14 years in increasingly senior sales and marketing positions. Mr. Cash has lived and worked as an expatriate in London, England, Hong Kong, Paris, France and Milan, Italy and speaks French, German and Italian. He holds a B.A. in International Marketing and Business Administration from the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Kenneth L. Londoner, MBA, Executive Chairman and Director

Mr. Londoner has served as our director since February 2009 and as our executive chairman since November 2013. He previously served as our chairman and chief executive officer from February 2009 to September 2013. Mr. Londoner has served as the managing partner of Endicott Management Partners, LLC, a firm dedicated to assisting emerging growth companies in their corporate development, since February 2010. From April 2007 to October 2009, he served as executive vice president – corporate business development and senior director of business development and, from November 2009 to December 2010, he served as a consultant to NewCardio, Inc., a medical device designer and developer. Mr. Londoner has also served as a director of Alliqua, Inc. since May 2012 and a director of chatAND Inc. since January 2012. Mr. Londoner is a co-founder and board member of Safe Ports Holdings, Charleston, South Carolina. Mr. Londoner also served as a director of MedClean Technologies, Inc. from November 2008 to September 2010. Mr. Londoner was an investment officer and co-manager of the Seligman Growth Fund, Seligman Capital Fund, and approximately $2 billion of pension assets at J & W Seligman & Co, Inc. in New York from 1991 to 1997. Mr. Londoner graduated from Lafayette College in 1989 with a degree in economics and finance and received his MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business in 1994.

Jeffrey F. O’Donnell, Sr., Director

Mr. O’Donnell has extensive experience in the Healthcare industry, merging a solid, traditional corporate background with emerging growth experience. In July, 2014, Mr. O’Donnell was named CEO of Trice Medical, Inc., a company he was Chairman of the Board since its founding in December, 2011. Trice is a medical device start-up developing and commercializing a camera enabled needle for orthopedic diagnostic procedures. In 2008, Mr. O’Donnell started Embrella Cardiovascular, a medical device startup company which was sold in 2011 to Edwards Lifesciences (EW). Prior to Embrella Cardiovascular, Mr. O’Donnell served as President and CEO of PhotoMedex (PHMD) from 1999 to 2009. He was the President and CEO of Radiance Medical Systems (originally Cardiovascular Dynamics) from 1997 to 1999 after serving as its Vice President of Sales and Marketing from 1995 to 1997. From 1994 to 1995 Mr. O’Donnell held the position of President and CEO of Kensey Nash Corporation (KNSY). Additionally, he has held several senior sales and marketing management positions at Boston Scientific Corporation, Guidant Corporation and Johnson & Johnson’s Orthopedic Division. In 2005, Mr. O’Donnell was named Life Sciences CEO of the year by Price Waterhouse Coopers. In 2011, Mr. O’Donnell was named the Greater Philadelphia Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year by Ernst & Young. Mr. O’Donnell is a previous director for Cardiac Science (7 yrs) and Endologix (12 yrs). Mr. O’Donnell is also Chairman of the Board of Mela Sciences (MELA).

Patrick J. Gallagher, Director

Mr. Gallagher, MBA, CFA, is an accomplished capital markets executive, advisor, and investor with a distinguished record of success in both the public and private markets. He has nearly 20 years of experience on Wall Street and extensive expertise in alternative investments, capital markets, and marketing. Mr. Gallagher serves as a strategic consultant for Kinex Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a biotechnology firm focused on next-generation therapies in oncology and immunology and was the vice president of business development and investor relations from September 2012 to October 2013. In November 2010, he was appointed by broker Concept Capital, a division of Sanders Morris Harris, as a Managing Director and the head of institutional sales. In 2001, Mr. Gallagher co-founded BDR Research Group, LLC, an independent sell-side research firm specializing in healthcare investing, financing and operations, and served as its chief executive officer until November 2010. Prior to 2001, he held various sales positions at investment and research firms: Kidder Peabody, PaineWebber and New Vernon Associates. Mr. Gallagher is a CFA charter holder, received his MBA from Pennsylvania State University and holds a B.S. degree in finance from the University of Vermont.

Asher Holzer, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Advisor and Director

Dr. Holzer has served as our chief scientific officer and our director since September 2012. Dr. Holzer serves as a director of InspireMD, Inc., an Israeli-based developer of a new stent platform, and served as that company’s president from March 2011 until June 2012 and chairman from March 2011 until November 2011. In addition, Dr. Holzer co-founded InspireMD Ltd., the predecessor and later wholly-owned subsidiary of InspireMD, Inc., and served as its president and chairman of the board from April 2007 until June 2012. Previously, Dr. Holzer founded Adar Medical Ltd., an investment firm specializing in medical device startups, and served as its chief executive officer from 2002 through 2004. Dr. Holzer currently serves on the board of directors of Adar Medical Ltd., O.S.H.-IL The Israeli Society of Occupational Safety and Health Ltd., Theracoat Ltd., 2to3D Ltd., and S.P. Market Windows Cyprus. Dr. Holzer earned his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University. Dr. Holzer is also an inventor and holder of numerous patents. Dr. Holzer brings to the board his more than 25 years of experience in advanced medical devices, as well as expertise covering a wide range of activities, including product development, clinical studies, regulatory affairs, market introduction and the financial aspects of the advance medical device business.

Roy Tanaka, Director

Mr. Tanaka has served as our director since July 2012. From 2004 until his retirement in September 2008, Mr. Tanaka served as the worldwide president of Biosense Webster, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, a market and technology leader in the field of electrophysiology. He joined Biosense Webster, Inc. as its U.S. president in 1997. Previously he held a variety of senior management positions at Sorin Biomedical, Inc., including president and chief executive officer, and leadership roles at CooperVision Surgical and Shiley, a division of Pfizer, Inc. He currently serves on the boards of directors of Volcano Corporation, Coherex Medical, Inc., Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Inc., a company using electrophysiology to develop technology to measure the temperature in a lesion during cardiac ablation procedures, and VytronUS Inc. In addition, Mr. Tanaka served as a director of Tomo Therapy until its acquisition in June 2011. Mr. Tanaka brings broad experience in executive leadership in the medical device field. His operational expertise and knowledge of the regulatory environment, both in the U.S. and globally, also bring a valuable perspective.

Jonathan Steinhouse, Director

Mr. Steinhouse has served as our director since February 2011. Currently, Mr. Steinhouse serves as vice president of sales at Orange MZI Healthcare, a healthcare management and administration software provider. He had also served as vice president of sales for Sandlot Solutions in Philadelphia, PA, a health information exchange and analytics software company. From 2008 to 2011, he served as director of healthcare for Oracle Corporation in Philadelphia, PA, where he was responsible for overall sales (acquiring new, maintaining revenue and growing existing accounts) for direct and the channel sales to hospitals. From 2005 to 2008, he was regional manager of Concerro Incorporated, where he was responsible for new “software as a service” to increase utilization of internal employee resources. Mr. Steinhouse brings to the board the experience of a senior sales executive with over 23 years of experience in healthcare industry.

Seth H. Z. Fischer, Director

Mr. Fischer has served as our director since May 2013. Since September 2013, Mr. Fischer has served as the chief executive officer and director of Vivus, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the treatment of obesity, sleep apnea, diabetes and sexual health. Prior to that, Mr. Fischer served in positions of increasing responsibility with Johnson & Johnson until 2012. Most recently Mr. Fischer served as Company Group Chairman Johnson & Johnson, Worldwide Franchise Chairman Cordis Corporation from 2008 to 2012, which included responsibility for Cordis and Biosense Webster Inc., a market and technology leader in the field of electrophysiology. Previously, he served as Company Group Chairman North America Pharmaceuticals from 2004 to 2007. In this position he had responsibilities for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Janssen and Scios. Mr. Fischer serves on the board of directors of Trius Therapeutics, Inc. We believe that Mr. Fischer’s extensive executive experience in a major health care company and his specific experience in launching and growing new pharmaceutical products make him an ideal candidate for our board.

Steve Chaussy, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chaussy has served as our chief financial officer on a part time basis since May 2011. Since 2001, Mr. Chaussy has acted as a consultant for small publicly traded entities with a special emphasis towards SEC reporting and compliance; Mr. Chaussy provides consulting services both directly and through his wholly-owned entity, Anna & Co., Inc. Prior to 2001, Mr. Chaussy served as chief financial officer for a large private distribution and wholesaling company, where he gained international experience. Mr. Chaussy is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and is a licensed certified public accountant in Virginia, California and Florida.

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BioSig Technologies to Open Its Headquarters in Minneapolis

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BioSig Retains Donohoe Advisory Associates LLC

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BioSig Technologies to Present at Innovation in Medtech Dublin 2015

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CEO Gregory D. Cash of BioSig Technologies, Inc. to Be Interviewed Live on iHeart Radio/ Clear Channel Atlanta Studios – 640 WGST AM’s “HealthTech Talk”


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