AWON – A-1 Group Inc.

AWON – A-1 Group Inc.

 “Sizzling Stock Picks does not condone the recreational use or abuse of Marijuana in any way and holds no position of its legalization.”

A1 Group, Inc. is a product development and marketing company catering to the electronic vapor cigarette and accessories industry. A1 Group offers a variety of options to choose from to appeal to all smokers including a diverse selection of devices and flavors.

The company currently owns and operates 4 retail locations, its ecommerce global website, and distribution agreements with Manufacturer and accessory manufacturers. They cater to four types of consumers, cigarette smokers and hookah smokers, smokers wanting to quit smoking from the ages of 18 through senior citizens, and Medical patients of medicinal marijuana. They have begun developing a portfolio of flavor profiles for our array of electronic cigarette models and brands.

Their management believes that their flavor profiles will serve to differentiate their products from other electronic cigarette brands. Their management intends to create brand recognition and loyalty based on the flavor profiles they develop and market. Moreover, in addition to serving to establish brand identity for their products based on taste, their management intends to manage the quality of their products and position them to comply with any government regulations and good manufacturing practices that may be issued for electronic cigarette products in the future. Also, by developing proprietary formulas, their management believes that they will be able to better control their supply chain and combat any future attempts to counterfeit their products.



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7040 Avenida Encinas
Suite 104-159
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Phone: (760)487-7772

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